Another whiny post about epic spawns

I have played this game from day 1. Months. I play for hours a day (though my time has admittedly been limited lately). I know the zones. I know the spawn mechanics. I play on a bike so I can move around rather quickly, and hang out where I need to be to find certain things. Yet, I still have only ever seen 4 sinoceratops in the wild. 4. In seven months. That’s just about one every other month.

I am totally blown away how people can see enough to make a utarinex, let alone hove one around level 25 or so. Not to mention dilophosaurus. I never see that thing either.

Should I go full tin foil hat and think this is on purpose, that certain parts of the world get more of something while other parts get less in some misguided “balance” effort? Let some people make one thing, while others get the chance to make different stuff?

Don’t even get me started on kentrosaurus or erliksaurus… and I’m feeling uneasy about the fact I haven’t seen one t-rex since I moved 3 weeks ago.

At least I find 4 or 5 secodontosaurus a week. :roll_eyes:


After work today… i barely ever see them in my local 1 home… but at work i get this.

Locals are not created equally. If the local your hunting in sucks, find a new one.

I dnt ever see epics either but i guess nests make a difference

Some us can’t find locals worth a damn. I have a 50 mile radius for work every day… and I barely see epic spawns. If I am lucky I get one or two TRex spawns and that is it.

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Correct, i was at a gas station for the first sino spawn… the second one in the distance was a l1 spawn though not a nest.

My sis lives on the other side of town & she’s sitting on 700 sino dna I kinda wanna punch her.


Been playing since the end of May, hours upon hours a day, before work, during work, after work, weekends… (Because I like it!) You get it… And have bought my one-time offers as well as other stuff on occasion back when I thought it would make a difference, not so much anymore. And I’m trying to accept that I will never get as far as people that live in a city. I’m fairly rural at home and at work. It sucks. But I’m trying to deal with it without being too salty. I never understood these players with uniques I can’t even unlock yet, but I suppose they are surrounded by spawns and have more cash to spend. More power to ya. I hate ya, but whatever…:joy::rofl:

Why aren’t you visiting your sister more???

I have gotten them in my local 1 zone often. I also work in Local 1 also so over the months I have gotten my Utasinoraptor to 21. I’m 96 DNA from 22 but lacking the Utahraptor DNA. I have enough Sino DNA for 5 fuses.

This is exactly why i made allosino… i always had sino dna sitting but never enough utahraptor and i want spinotah… so i only fuse my utahsino when i have both extra sino and utah raptor and my allosino has just been leveled…

Did someone say Utahtaptor?

I also have a ton of dracorex… Just, no Sino, ever.

Oh I’m with you on Erlikosaurus! That golden chicken is as rare to find as a needle on a Haystack! Mine has been on level 12 since I first saw it 4-5 months ago!

Last week, when the armored tank event was going on, I saw 2 Ankylosaurus and 1 Sinoceratops that weren’t under a supply drop. And I just don’t see these creatures, like ever, when I’m actively looking for dinos. I was astonished. This has led me to believe that featured creatures during the showcase events get a slightly higher spawn rate whenever they’re being featured in an event (but that’s just a theory).

That being said, apart from the two event showcases that have featured Sinoceratops, I’ve probably seen maaybe 2 Sino in the wild. Which is exactly why I made sure to gnab almost all Sino during the last event…

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I’m sad that I can’t go get it. I need it to start fusing Diloranosaurus or whatever it’s called. Sigh.

I’ve only just started seeing those since I moved, but since I NEVER see dilophosaurus, it’s not that big a deal, really. I did manage to make dilorano, but doubt I’ll ever get close to dilocheirus.

Ive only ever seen ourano once… you can always request dilo from an alliance.

The only epic i find is koolasuchus lol

Lucky i only have a few and i never see them anywhere they are extinct where ever i go

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She never answers. But it’s okay she’s zone 3 now

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yup. blows my mind how people have 27 utarinex and diloracheirus.
considering everyone (even very active players like myself) can only find 1 ourano/sino every 6 months :man_shrugging:

seems totally legit :roll_eyes:

and like that screen shot of the person with a level 30 of that new sino unique. max tarbo you can stockpilie is like 200k i believe. no way that gets you a lvl 30. so where does it come from?