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Answer on locked door appearance

Within a sequence of runs had a locked door for Nayeli in room 2

(So no choice of paths before getting to the door)

Ran 4 characters and no locked door in room 2, ran the same characters and locked door for Nayeli in room 2. Swapped a character out for Nayeli and no locked door, ran it again (same config with Nayeli) and locked door in room 2

So it looks like neither path you follow (assuming room 2 locked door work the same as other rooms) nor party composition influence the appearance of locked doors

It did move from left side to right side though …

So where there is a choice it looks like it’s random, left, right or neither.

Yeah I have noticed that with room 2 as well… I think there might be some that are static and some that are random though.

In harvestshield??? Which I have been running for challenges and a piece of gear, I have had a room for a level 11 Nayeli and a room for a level 13 calliope sitting in the same place for the last 30 runs or so and I am pretty sure they were there in the first day of this new update if not before

Yes that’s true some seem to be fixed but the ones that disappear and reappear seems to simply be random

That’s my belief as well

Think you suggested path travelled could be an option for a while

Never believed orlochs idea re party composition :wink:

Yeah… when I was thinking that the only downside was the 2nd room… I have noticed as well that sometimes in the ones that are random when you leave to get a specific character and come back it is no longer a “character” room and is instead a “secret” room