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Antagonist of camp cretacious s2

What do you guys think the bad guy will be in s2 for camp cretacious. I don’t think it will be toro, as the kids literally just blew him up and he will be very scared of them. It could be rexy, blue or even the spino. A bit of a stretch but maybe indy escaped and somehow got sent back into her watery doom

Only click spoilers if you’ve seen it, reader.

I’m not really sure. Blue did give Darius the death stare and all but Indominus is still there, and Toro is still a possible antagonist even after the explosion, maybe he’ll come for revenge?

true, but not for a while, too badly injured.

remember that we are supposed to be getting three baryonx which is a likely choice, and according to fallen kingdom baryonx can have lava on its head it it won’t be hurt.

wait sriously. Do you think it survived the volcano.

There are multiple ways that non-dinosaurs could be antagonistic too.

Oh, I would love to see Spino again, it’s criminal how they don’t include him, cause people are still pressed about JP3 :expressionless:

But I think that we could see Blue and T-rex a little more, since they couldn’t really be included in s1, Bary is an option, and I would love to see some new creatures as well

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The names of the Baryonyx’s are apparently Chaos, Limbo, and Grim.

gotta say that the first season was great. i couldn’t stop watching it.
as for antagonists of the second season, looks like the raptor squad got out, so i’m thinking Blue to start, but maybe she ends up helping them? Then there is always Rexy.

I’m thinking Rexy…Since Indom is dead by season 2 and Torro got beaten by them (highly doubt he wants a rematch) I think we will see Rexy take over the island

The 3 Baryonyx Grimm, Limbo, & Chaos.

Chaos seems to be the baryonyx from fallen kingdom.


Why are there 3, are they from a new season trailer or something

Not sure I thought they were supposed to be in this season. They had the toys and names out long before the show was released then the show came and they were nowhere to be seen.

I think the bary’s are gonna be the antagonists, then near the end rexy, or something else will kill two of them and the last one will Surender, then he will make his return for the garbage that is fallen kingdom!

Honestly, if lava doesn’t affect the bary and he wasn’t on top where all the dinos were running off the cliff, does that mean it survived.

It probably went through the pipes

I thought we saw it getting loaded on the ship with the crane?

maybe. baryonyx may have went out of the pipes and got caught