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They did it its gone now you can’t buy it anymore.

Noooo I’ve should bought them :cry:

Wot, I just bought one today lol, I’m lucky

RIP I saved up 40k DNA and only bought two of em

Wait they fixed it in the new update or current update? I don’t think I’ve updated yet LMAO BUY MORE PELTAS

Edit: wow it’s actually still unlocked for me. Can someone confirm that it’s gone in the new update? If so then I’m about to buy 6 more peltas right now

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I still have it, but I’m max park level/did its unlock.

It isn’t that good of a dino. But to each there own.


I’m a level 35 here. It’s OP for me.


@Raptor43577 hmm

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Someone in another thread mentioned they heard at some point it was going to get moved to VIP status. Is there anything to that? If so links?

Unlikely. That would be a major dino reshuffle.

We’d also get an announcement about it.


Do you have any details on this?

This was in reference to Panochthus which bumped up to VIP from Legendary almost a year ago


He was talking about Panochthus (Ceno).

A major update had an announcement that it was changing from tournament to VIP.

Some players bought lots of them.

Smilodon went from super rare to tournament. Other players bought up here.


Oh I c, I must have lost track of the conversation at some point.


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I just rushed to buy one after hearing that the unlock was taken away in the update. Silly me, I accidentally had my hatchery first slot open, so noe I have a 7 day hatch blocking everything, lol


Rip, I saved up 6.6k DNA and then it updated

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Well maybe it’s not that bad for you though. I started speed-buying them then someone told me that Antarctopelta isn’t going to be an herbivore you’ll want to prioritize at later levels. Besides 7k DNA is a pretty hefty amount for one dino anyways. So I stopped at 2 additional buys, I have a total of 4 right now.


Yep, Antarctopelta doesn’t have a hybrid.

Unless having a L40 of every dino is a goal, it isn’t a particularly helpful dino to have. At L30, it should be good for tournaments.

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I mean I just grabbed a ton because I’m at the point where a level 10 Antarctopelta is in my top 3.

By the way I still haven’t updated yet so if I change my mind… still got 30k DNA left lol

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I don’t want to call it a “bad” dino, but personally I don’t like 4:1 health to attack dinos.

I like to lead with 3:1 followed by 2:1 and something more cannony than 2:1 if I can.

I can make 3:1 work as a team too.

4:1 just has problems due to low attack and the multiplication of attack points past 4 attack when it is attacked.

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Yup, you’re not the only one. For my playstyle at least, in the end the difference between good health and great health isn’t really noticeable. I imagine this being the case for most players. Either you’re prudently spending defense to take minimal damage each turn, or you’re like me and usually go only attack and reserve with the plan of sacking my current dino if needed.

The one time I really like tanky boys is for lead fodder, and in that case the tank really wants to be low level. Like last tournament the competition was super low and I was cycling through 3 Kapro 10s super fast. But Antarctopelta’s one of my top dinos and it being a tank is a lot less useful.