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Antarctopelta tournament

I’m the brightest, the smartest, the biggest.
I’m the dominator of dominators.

Megalomania…your name is Tommi.:crazy_face:


12 minutes to go. Bottom of Dominator is 1245 trophies.


Raptors got a new alpha…


And his name is @Tommi.


Interesting that so many of us have the same bottom score in our brackets. Usually there’s minor differences, but mine too was 1245.

Agree that the rewards aren’t great, but currently tournaments and boss events seem to be the only really good way to earn DNA in the game, now that PvPs have been nerfed so badly in that area. But you have to spend DBs to get it and the time needed as well is frustrating due to the slowness of the AI which is, IMO, unforgivable (this seems to have been due to the addition of mods to the game, and was done as an easy way to get around the bugs that resulted, but is frankly just lazy programming at the expense of the players). The predictability of the rewards really takes away a lot of the fun of tournament runs in the past, making it feel more like work than fun for me, so I continue to struggle with wanting to do more than the bare minimum. I did do a bit more this time around, but nowhere near as many battles as I could do, basically taking most of Saturday off to get a break. Getting 1000 DBs back in the pack was a nice return on my efforts though (a food card is pathetic though, there really should not be ANY food and coin cards in a Dominator prize pack, IMO).


I must have been on hard mode with 1248 versus 1245!


It’s currently snowing in my location, so Antarctopelta feels like an aproprite dino to get.
My final score was 1350. Could have climbed way higher, but didn’t see the point

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Forgot to post this from this morning, as much for my records as anything else

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Ha ha , as it seems we can’t hide from dinosaurs nowhere in the world , even at Antarctica they will follow us :grin:

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