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Antarctovenator rework

This is my ideal rework for this unqiue, I honestly think the nullifying counter needs to be scrapped and replaced by a better counter
Wasn’t sure to put medium decelerating counter or the maximum.

Actually I do not think that Antarcto needs to be changed at all.
It is very decent. Most players just dont know how to use it.

And this includes myself - dont have it high enough to really test it :slight_smile:

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Same I don’t have the dna, but I feel like it should have a decel move maybe.
Maybe the counter would be a bit too much since you can swop in distract and slow at the same time.

True I feel like the counter is a little much but it should have a slowing move

Yeah I might change it because the basic hit I gave it reduces speed l only just realised :rofl:

I think it’s fine as is. I mean it can counter one of the harder to takedown apex’s (ceramagnus) and has already gotten a buff so I doubt ludia will mess with it for a while