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Anti-Bird Creatures to Fight Birds


Here is what to use to take out the birds. All these have shield shattering moves and works for when they swap-in and throw up shields.


I also use Baryonx a lot. You can really take advantage of the Ready to Crush bonus, since the birds tend to switch as their first move.


I like to use Monostegotops - nullify takes down shields (and it has two moves that nullify) and cancels out ferocity; quite good damage too.


My daughter always wants to bring out T-Rex in all the other Strike Events… she gets to use him all the time now with these Pterosaur Strike Events, and she feels unstoppable, lol. (she’s 5)


My level 20 Monostego almost single handily defeated all Birds strike events (till now) including Epic incubator ones.


I use a lv21 Tryostronix to complete all Ptero events.
A fine chance to use R2C because they always swap.:smile:


Level 19 Gorgosuchus works good for me. Takes all flyers out by himself on all rounds except the last 2, when my Velociraptor needs to step in and finish the job!


I pretty much just use my epic T-Rex and Blue. T-Rex because he has the destroy shields move which comes in handy against the shields and Blue because she is faster than all the birds. Works good enough for me.


Tryostronix was made for this. Doesn’t even get hit but 1 time.


Level 22 Lythronax has tore up all the birds with pinning strike pretty easily.


We need us some Cenozoic Kitty cats :cat:


I’ve been giving my Allosinosaurus a workout on the birds… it’s too easy with him, but so much fun to crush them. Love his new buff.


this^^(totally a sentence)


Now I want to make an AA gun just to counter the birds…


dino with infrared homing equipped backpack?


I am using Tanycolagreo lev 18 and she almost do all the job, in the final rush (that I will complete in some hours) I will use also lev 15 Posti, lev 15 T-Rex and maybe I will put my lev 20 stegodeo as final backup if something will go wrong.

Ps I prefer posti insted of gorgo because, at same level, posti has more hp and also adrenaline surge to recover some hp and boost herself.


I used Tryostronix


Seriously how has no one mentioned Monominimus it destroyed the epic strike tower singlehandedly at level 16


Maybe, but as long as it insta kills birds I’m ok with it.


Level 19 raptor. Dead pteros.