Anti-Flock Group Damage Creatures

If you want a quick list of creatures to counter those pesky flocks, these are all the creatures with their moves that have group attack. If you find flocks a bit of a pain too often, look at what is available and see what you can use.


There are two flocks that have group attack so if you want to use a flock of your own, those two are good. It all depends on where you are with your team level and creatures.

For your team make-up, it’s good to have 2 with group attack and one bleeder. This may cover you if you run into a team that gets at least one flock drawn.

If ever flocks became a huge problem that everyone was running them, this would be my team:

I’ve used an entire team with flocks. They can do really well or really bad if you run up against any of the unique noodles and Thor. They also make for long matches.


Cool. As I said before, flocke creatures are completely broken on Legendary level or lower. They are ruining tournaments… We seriously need more group moves, preferably Resilient moves


One thing to keep in mind is that simply having a group attack isn’t enough to make something counter flocks effectively. For example, many dinos with Group Decelerating Strike (like Tragodistis) only have 1000 attack - not enough to deal more than 1/3 of a flock dinos health anyway. So the actual counters are going to be less common. Also, Group Ferocity Strike only attacks a single target.

This chart highlights a deficit if Group attacks within the epic rarity specifically. Kentrosaurus and Nodopatosaurus both have GDS, but neither have enough damage to remove more than 1/3 of a flocks health anyway. Brontolasmus may be the strongest Counter with GDR and Amargocephalus has GDI, but both are hybrids - so in tournaments with only non-hybrids like Compy and Dodo, they can’t help you (though they can help against Argenteryx). The only real epic non-hybrid Counter is Woolly Mammoth, which isn’t really a strong pick overall. Even so, having one Counter is pretty limited, so having at least 1-3 more epic dinos with useful group attacks would be nice. Maybe give Diplodocus GDI instead if Decelerating Rampage? Stuff like that.

The other thing is that none of the group attacks bypass or remove dodge, something that pretty much all flock dinos so far use to extend their lives even further.


I only see skoonasaurus as a proper counter for flocks and brontalasmus for tournaments. Ardentismaxima and geminititan are liabilities in the arena now.


Group Ferocity is only for self and team, right?


I believe you’ve missed Poukandactylus, who has Fearless Flap which deals group damage (plus the counter). Poukan also has distraction resistance and can cleanse and dodge damage, which helps against these things. I find Poukan to be more reliable than the resilients in these cases.

Since Scorp 2 and 3 are listed on your team suggestion, I just want to say that I’ve found Scorpius to be pretty useless against most flocks - nearly all of them simply cleanse the bleed, and use a steady combo of dodge, distraction and healing moves to defeat both versions.

Other than that, this is a good list.


Doesn’t mortem have a group attack? I think it’s group shattering if he does

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Yeah Roar, which is identical to Group Defense Shattering Strike.

Apparently roar will no longer be a group defense shattering strike anymore because according to a gamepress data mine roar will have a cooldown of 2 and give a 50% damage increase.

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True, but it’ll still be a group attack (probably even group shattering) that actually damages the whole enemy team. And it counts as a group attack now, answering the question about whether Mortem has a group attack.

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Yep so I wonder why mortem is not on this chart.

I think the OP just forgot to include Roar, and therefore Mortem.

Yeah probably.

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