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Antiquarian Accumulator copies

I’m just noticing that players are getting two copies of the Antiquarian Accumulator upon beating the event. A friend of mine got two, but I want to know if that’s a glitch or you are supposed to get two copies to level it up. If it’s the latter, I only received one copy. One! Please let me know if you are able to fix it!

They probably got one from the draft and the other from the event, you can’t get 2 from the event

That’s the issue. My friend literally confirmed he didn’t touch the draft and got them both in the event. :frowning:

Then it’s a glitch

I’ll send you a screenshot he sent me.received_280245936613018|281x500

Have him send you a screenshot of the draft. Confirm he didn’t get one from there.

Your friend is probably lying.

I’m waiting on that. He did say that he did not touch the draft at all, though. I’ll send it here when I get it.

Can you also ask him if he could play the node twice? Or if he had to revive his dragons during the battle?

I did when I got beaten with two dragons left. I don’t think he did though.

Here’s the evidence, Mike. You can see the draft for the dragon hasn’t been used until after the event was completed by him,as the Antiquarian Accumulator reward hasn’t been claimed by him.

I went to school for math so while I’m 90% convinced at this point I’d like simultaneous screenshots. One with the 2 accumulators and one with the draft both showing identical gold, fish, eggs, runes. This’ll prove both pics taken at the same time by the same account.

Then I’d like him to tell you whether he just got both dragons at once or replayed the level or however it happened.

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Or a short video :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know how to get the 3rd copy of this dragon I only got 1 in the event and bought 1 in the draft had to buy 27 out of 40 trys for a total of 10,800 ruins but there’s no way to do the event again & not sure if the draft resets later one any help with this question would be greatly appreciated thank you.

The event won’t repeat? Not even in a year?

I understand that but I have no way to get my 3rd copy. I sent a message to support so hopefully they get back to me before event ends or I’ve just wasted almost 11,000 ruins in draft

Hey Ben_Perks, could you kindly ask your friend to reach out to our support team here at with their support key? Once our team receives his information, our team would be able to take a closer look at this for him.

Thank you!

I spent 10,000 Runes, I finally yes . I can’t say I wasn’t nervous, so why did he give it to him last. Anyway, what’s the point if we don’t get the last copy?
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