Antoine Dawson Gold Medal Only pic?

i tried so hard to get that gold medal only picture of Antoine Dawson and Still didn’t get it! has anyone received that picture? i saw it on a wiki fandom. i spent a lot of gems and tried to level up as much as i can! i get the other characters level up pictures but not this only gold medal pic!

I tried to get that picture for Nina Hawk. I did LITERALLY everything, yet I still didn’t unlock it :sob:
Luckily I found it on the internet, but I would’ve loved to unlock it myself :1st_place_medal:

You mean the picture with Arya?
He sent the picture right after he finished the race. Like right after. I don’t remember what level i was at but i did spend gems to unlock two maps while he was on the race. So maybe if you don’t help him with that he does not win? then no picture with the medal?
Or if he did win and no picture then it must be a bug right?

It’s this one that I’m referring to. I got the dog one with his gold medal.

I was sooo close! I was really disappointed!

I played this route three times already and got the picture for all three different matches. The only way you can get this is if you buy every single gem choices they have. Also just in case,make sure to buy both gem options from the poacher busting video call. Buy one of the choice then just close and restart the app the replay the date all over again.


Thank you so much! I didn’t know you could do this!

Where’s the one for Nina?

damn :fire: woah