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Antoine Dawson: Relationship Symbol Gone?

So, new relationship status, even had the celebratory conversation, but there’s no image :thinking:? I know this happened with Austin but this is a first (for myself, at least) where the new status was actually acknowledged.

With Antoine gone to release the baby Condor and having hinted at discussing moving in together when he returns, I’m curious what the symbol is supposed to be/what the status is?

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Thanks for providing us with a screenshot, novanix! This is an issue our team is working on addressing. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, could I ask you to please email our team here at with your support key? It would really help us out.

Thank you.

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Happened to me with Noah and Damien also… I had :heart: Status with both and now it’s gone.

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I just got a relationship update with antoine. We were on the heart symbol but now the symbol has vanished. What does this mean? Have I lost my relationship status with him?

Just saying Antoine is so predictable. I 100% knew that as soon as he bought the plane tickets that he would soon be off on another adventure.

I also realised that the only reason I was into his story was because of Arya the husky. Is it possible to run off with his dog and live happily ever after? That should totally be a playable option :grin:.


:joy::joy::joy: I know, I know same :sleepy::rofl: but I still enjoyed it

And honestly…that would be such a twist, that I wouldn’t even be mad. Because Arya and her puppies are so freaking cute :heart_eyes:

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I still havent forgiven him for the first ridiculous excuse he gave for leaving so now hes just a gem grind … see how he likes being used!
And Im hoping when he makes it back home his beloved dog bites him for being left behind😁


This comment made my day hahahhaha I can relate XD

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It’s just all one way traffic with him innit?

I think a few of the matches are tbh… but his story seems to be going in all different directions and not one direction, lets be honest if this were real life most men/ women would given up on a man who flies them to another state / continent only to be left for a dog , or a baby bird! ( no matter how cute said animals are)

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Flighty is a word that one might use to describe at least half of the matches here.

Alice/Eve, Emmalyn/Angel, the K-Pop boys, Sheng, Vittoria/Sage, the 50-shades guy, the thespian, the photographer, etc. They all just bugger off and leave you in the lurch.

Even the ‘on the run’ guy. I mean, I know the police are after him but when he came back and was like “Hi. Happy valentines day”

I was like, “don’t you happy valentines me, you creep, you’ve been gone since August!”

But, we’re all still here, so our desperation is validation enough for these flighty individuals to keep plucking at our heart strings.

I still want Antoine’s dog though. I think I could be quite happy with a husky as my plutonic life partner :relaxed:.