Antoine what the flip?

So, after you go through all that drama, you travel across the country/world to be with him, help him solve the mystery and rescue his friend… he goes all like, yeah thanks, I need to cuddle my dog.

What… the… flip??!

Like, I’m right here with you and you dump me for a flippin K-9?!?

Thank God I’m gay! That’s all I can say :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

At least I have my Emmalyn back… For the time being… :laughing:.

I know they need to create breaks between updates but c’mon! Am I the only one who’s vexed by this?

Please confirm I’m not cray cray :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Just saying, I had to edit this because I got censored by the Ludia fascists again. Didn’t use a single swear word so no idea why they keep censoring me.

Anyway, Emmalyn has gone and left me high and dry now. I knew it was coming but, like so many of these stories, it was lame.

We go through all this stuff together, she tells the world she loves me, then wakes up one morning and is, like, “I’m going to South America and I’m packing my bags right now.”

No, “I’m sorry boo I have to go do this but let’s have one epic night together before I go.” Just, “yeah I woke up and I’m gonna bugger off and leave you longing.”

I’m beginning to think that Lovelink is full of players.

What about you?

PS. I’m at least half joking, I know it’s a game. I’m just wounded that Emmalyn would do that to me. I was ready to propose to her and everything :rofl::rofl:.


I love your rants about the characters. :joy: They’re just upset because you said one mildly negative thing towards one of their favorite guys, probably. (Kidding, kidding.) Every time they leave like that I just think, “joke’s on you, I was playing you first!” But some of the characters do leave at the worst moments that seem a little out of character for them or just badly placed breaks. Although… I might ditch someone to cuddle a dog too, depending on the dog and the person in question. But in all seriousness I do see what you’re saying.


Better a dog than a flippin spider monkey or whatever the hell it is!

I need to get these things off my chest before I checkout and return to reality.

Emmalyn saying she won’t be able to text from Peru. Use a bloody pay phone love, or write me an actual letter! :triumph:

She better hope that flakey Alice doesn’t come back because I’ll dump her hippy arse and go travelling with Alice instead.

Or maybe I’ll let William turn me after all… that will teach her!

Or… yeah, I’ll cheat on her with a bloody centaur! How do you like that Emmalyn? Was THAT written in the stars?

I kinda wish Vitoria had eaten me after all, then I would have been spared all this heartache.

Oh Emmalyn you weird hippy vegan space cadet, why do you have to be so hot?

I’m getting kind of tired of Angel/Emmalyn, to be honest, sweet as she is. Things are just bland right now so maybe it’s for the best she go to Peru and get her chakras aligned, get the stars read, or whatever. As for communication she could use email. Not sure if she’s heard of it though if she thinks not being able to communicate via phone means no communication at all.

I’d rather stay home than go globe-trotting with Eve/Alice (more like chasing her around the world though). Too much money and time otherwise, but Eve/Alice has been a little more interesting anyway.

I’m pretty sure if MC were a vampire Angel/Emmalyn might find that fun to an extent, and be more okay with MC drinking people’s blood than that of an animal.

When will Vitoria return from the void? Who knows! Maybe she turned into a full-on wolf and lost her humanity, so we’ll never see her again.

Maybe there will be some interesting times with Felicia, Dahlia, Eveline or Skye if their stories ever get released.

I do worry that the more new characters they release, the more repetitive their stories will become.

I’m not sure why most of the existing characters haven’t been updated. Maybe they’re preparing for a big new app update?

Anyway, I’m off to polish my energy crystal and make a vegan burrito.

“If” being the key word in that sentence of when Felicia, Skye, and the others will have their stories released. At this point, I’m not holding my breath.

I worry about that too and also how it will further slow down the few updates we’ve gotten for past characters. While Angel/Emmalyn are nice, I do wish they’d update other girls too. A big app update would be welcomed, but I’m not going to hang onto any expectations.

I want Alice, Grace and Vitoria back.

But I’m also intrigued about the new characters, especially Skye, with her abs and her biceps :laughing:.

The last of my diamond mines (Sheng) just went grey on me and I haven’t matched with anyone new for weeks now.

I guess we just collect our paltry 15 to 45 gems per day and hope for the best.

At least I’ll have time to read the stack of graphic novels I’ve been neglecting now.

Same! Though I picked the opposite of your first two, though we share our choice in Vitoria. Vitoria never got an update and I want to know what happens next. Maybe she got herself in too deep in some shenanigans. Alice/Eve became more interesting than I anticipated by the time we reached her stopping point.

I still haven’t matched with Stephan/Oliver, so he’s the only diamond mine I’m missing out on, but I’m fine with that. I rolled my eyes at MC during the whole conversation with Sheng when he doubted their intentions, but I will say his story got more interesting than I had thought it would. But only by a tiny bit.

After Felicia, being my obvious favorite of them all, I really want to see what Skye is like. Julia too, though I’m already imagining her to be like Jamie/Wyatt(? or whoever Jamie’s counterpart is) as far as her personality goes, but we’ll see. Maybe. If she, like the other female characters, ever get story released. Can’t say I really remember the others who we’ve gotten to talk to, but I’m also curious about the girl who’s into comics. I forget her name though too right now.

Is Fei Wu the comic girl you mean? I’m kean for her too. She’s hot and, if she likes sci-fi and horror comics as much as me then, I’m definitely gonna cheat on Emmalyn whilst she’s off aligning her chakras in the amazon.

I’m with you on Sheng. It’s kinda implausible amd when he kicked off right at the end there I was thinking “screw you Prince Alarming, I’m gonna give Jin a call and ask him to come party with me.”

I can’t even remember Jaimie’s storyline, he had that much impact in me.

I think of all the men the ones who entertained me the most were Tiros and William. I think the silly fantasy and horror elements drew me in. So I’m really hoping Felicia has an interesting story too.

I really hope she’s some kind of evil villain, or a femme fatal of some kind, and not just an editor of a fashion magazine or something boring like that.

Yeah, that’s her. It wouldn’t be hard to turn my head from Angel/Emmalyn, to be honest. She’s amusing, but I can’t say I really care for her type too much beyond a friendship level.

I’m more interested in Jin and what he’s like and how he feels being in the position he is than Sheng’s paranoia despite it being understandable given his situation.

He was the hacker who’s best friend, Cody (aka OZO), was trying to get his half of some code to be able to access all cyber systems across the world. And then Jamie leaves until things blow over.

I hope Felicia’s storyline is something like Noire or at least include some involvement of crime and detectives/PIs, but I’m not holding my breath for anything. I would love for her to be a femme fatale, especially given her name. If she was an editor of a fashion magazine, for instance of something more tame, she’d be a very edgy one.

Of the guys I find most forgettable, but if I had to pick them probably William was most memorable. Tiros too though I didn’t care for the story or him, but rather solely because he’s a centaur.

Ah Jamie’s the FBI guy. Yeah, that was an OK story. I’m just not good with names. Unless you’re a hot girl I’m basically not gonna remember you, it seems :rofl:.

You mentioned stephan, is that the 50 shades guy? His story is fine, if you’re into that sort of thing. But he’s not my type.

You know what would be cool? If one of the girls turns out to be a super hero or something, she could have an interesting backstory like Wonder Woman and you end up being her sidekick. Like the Robin to her Batman.

Or a baddass female adventurer like Lara Croft.

Or a female superspy, like the new 007.

At least then there would be some girls with exciting stories that don’t involve you being eaten or being left in the lurch because they have daddy issues and can’t take responsibility for theirselves.

Yeah, that’s him. Not into that kind of storyline so I didn’t bother with him.

I would be down if Fei Wu wasn’t only into comics, but also turned out to be some kind of vigilante or hero herself and she got inspiration from those, but with there being more to why she turned into a hero/vigilante.

I’d be okay if instead of a femme fatale-Noire route, Felicia was like a spy like 007 though I’m more into the former idea for her. Skye would make for a cool adventurer like Lara Croft though.

I know! :scream: I was looking forward to having a real date, and then poof! he’s gone.


It happens a lot. Gets kinda repetitive after the first twenty matches have done that to you :laughing:.

@anon80974864 I love your rants! They’re honest and I’m sure many of us feel the same way.

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Hah thanks.

I keep getting myself suspended though so I need to tone it down.

Stop it Karina, you’ll get banned again.