Anveil cannot heal weakest allies bug in quests

I am at Razorwhip Homecoming 15/20 quests. Found out that Anveil’s power not able to heal weakest allies. There is no enemy dragon with unable to heal ability but there is no sign of healing. Tried couple times and wasted my 12 ++ energy points


I was just about to report this problem! Anveil and The Valiant Scarbearer’s skill was not able to heal the weakest allies after a few rounds. Once it fails to heal the weakest ally, it will keep failing until the battle ends

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Bump. I noticed same problem, Anveil not healing properly.

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It jas never worked properly. Devs dont seem to be in a hurry to fix

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Looks like the bug is stage based. If it does not work in this stage, it will never work.

Probably that’s what developer think, magic don’t always work :blush:

Anveil’s ability to heal weakest ally also didn’t work for me on stage 13/20 in the Razorwhip quest. It’s happened at least three times in the past few days that I actually noticed, but I only took note of where I was this most recent occurrence.

Not stage based, just broken since inception. Ludia hasn’t fixed this over multiple updates so they must see it as low priority

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Hope Ludia would do something about it… I can’t get past the last stage of the Homecoming quest without a healer

Hey Vikings, thanks for bringing this up to our attention. Our team has been notified of this, and they’re looking into it to try and find a fix.


Agreeing with the issue as well for my Valiant Scarbearer. Good to see it noticed and hope it will be fixed soon.

They were notified 6 months ago or so with much discussion in forums


I ended up give up to use Anveil. Was able to pass the Razorwhip Homecoming and get 4 * Razor after many reviving with runes. It is painful but still happy to get the her.

I‘m still using Anveil and everything is fine as long as I‘m not forced to take a dragon with me that I KNOW will die within the first few turns (green Razorwhip against red Enemies) and then Anveil is loosing its healing ability. Could‘ve easily beaten this stage of quest but I‘m not willing to spend runes to continue because the next wave is getting worse and I‘ll have the same problem again, forced to spend more runes to continue.
This type of bugs are the reason why I will NEVER invest money in this game, although I considered it many times - but then another bug hit me or my game broke down without any reason and reminded me that I should not do it.

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Is it fixed?

It‘s fixed in the „normal“ gameplay and current quests, I tested it many times. Seems like it was only this quest, maybe they used some old code?

Nope, it’s still there. At least Valiant Scarbearer is still affected by it.

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My Anveil stops healing the weaks ally usually after 2 of my dragons have been taken out.

Okay, I only watched Anveil after one dragon was dead, not two!

Okay, it‘s bugged in the Videogames-Quest so I can‘t beat that stage because I‘m lacking of another blue healer that is strong enough to survive the attacks of the 4* Gronckle - you‘re forced to take a weak guest Anveil with you that‘s in addition bugged.