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Anveil healing broken when dragon defeated


I have Anveil. He is supposed to heal the worst off dragon when his special attach is triggered. When there is a dragon down on my team, he doesnt heal. I think he is trying to heal the down dragon, but that’s kinda pointless. Can this be fixed?


Thanks for reporting this to us, @DragonWranger. Our team is aware of this issue with the dragon Gentle Gronckle’s healing ability as well, and they’re working on fixing this problem ASAP. If you have more details of the issue, please feel free to email our support team here at with your support key.


Wow… way to copy and paste! Not that I was even talking about the Gentle Gronkle, but hey… good job. I see that it’s been 3 weeks since this issue was reported on the Gronkle… so evidently it isn’t much of a priority, cause you’ve had a couple events and patches since then, and it’s still broken.


I think he means both dragons have the same issue.


Well, would you like to explain where the issue is with the code and how to fix it then? No? That’s what I thought. There would be a lot of code to comb through multiple times to ensure a bug is fixed, which takes time. Have a little empathy.


I’m sorry if there might have been some confusion on my last post, @DragonWranger. Our team is actively working on a fix for Gronckle’s ability. As your issue is similar to that one, our team will have to investigate further if it’s happening to any other dragons as well.

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It’s the ability that is broken. It has been reported broken on at least 3 dragons. I assume devs will check all dragons with the same ability