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Anvil of Dumathoin

I think most folks regard him as the toughest boss in the game at least for the levels he is optimized for. I’ll go ahead and admit that I think the sword attack is cheap and shouldn’t be in the game its current form. That said I accept that and move on.

However, things become unfair verging on broken with certain situations. For example in my last match, I still had all four characters. We have some rocks drop. Then I get two sword attacks. My characters are high enough level that they can take standing on the lava for two or three turns, but none of the lava disappears so I have half the board covered in lava alone. However, after all this I am left with four characters, two of whom are on lava, but with the rocks there is literally only one free safe space to move to. How is it fair to put people in this situation?

Look guys I’m not a programmer, but I’ve taken some coding classes. I feel like it should be possible to set it up such that there are always n non-rock, non-lava spaces available where n is the number of characters without too much work. Alternatively, make the rocks attachable objects. Based on the Heart of Frostsilver boss fight it seems you just need to attach whatever code makes an NPC to this graphical object to do it, otherwise why would the rock on that level have a visible attack meter and attack round? Or alternately change the code such that Anvil of Dumathoin is less aggressive with the sword attack. If it isn’t a 100% certainty when you get two characters on the same column it is darn close to it, and this often puts the player in the situation where after A sword attack with all three squares remaining lava they have to shove so as to share a colum with another character thus prevokimg another sword attack.


They won’t even code these easier QOL items:

  1. Carry over Brawl Chest points do when you score 4 on 19/20, the new chest has 3 of the over points, to read 3/20.
  2. Surrender or Skip button.
  3. Fix their server issues. Which just cost me two PVP rounds because none of my actions were accepted. My timer just dropped to the 5s super speed. And suddenly the game went into fast motion. I loaded two other mobile games and no issues

They’ll never fix that if they won’t fix this lol.

Yeah. This boss kind of sucks. But, That may be exactly as designed.

Hey… I’d be happy if the lava burn was at the end of the turn instead of the beginning. And/or they gave me a way to not skip, but delay my turn for ordering purposes.

I think most would love a delay option but the order of action is suppose to be random so I can’t see that ever happening