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Any Active Alliances Looking For a Few Members?

Possibly looking to join a new alliance. Attached are some photos of a typical week’s activity for me. I would also have 4 or 5 others interested in coming along. We all donate as much as possible, play as much as possible, and are pretty easygoing. We have never been able to hit level 5 on incubator ranks, and would be excited for an opportunity to join an alliance as active as our core group is.

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Good luck! I thought it was just you, but can’t make enough room for more than that right now.


Great Southern Land might be an option, reach out to @Stiffeno. It has been growing really fast.

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We would love to have you at Great Southern Land, we are currently at 32 members!

Also if you are the leader of your alliance, in the event of Ludia adding an Officer role as an alliance feature, you will have the position as 2nd in Command!

Edit: Will also make an announcement to the alliance that you are officially 2nd in Command as of joining, so you will have some authority right away. My alliance is fairly new (though growing fast) so nobody will get their feelings hurt having someone new being in a position of authority.

We have 18 free alliance slots as of right now, so we can take in ALL your members!

I’m not a leader of the alliance. I joined this one randomly and have created an outside group chat and ave orchestrated us looking for a new group. I would prefer to not have too much responsibility, but i am very active and have already expressed that we will likely join a new group chat to my crew. We have two members who live in the UK. It’s past their bed time currently, but they are the last we are waiting to hear from regarding the move. It would be 7 members total. If you have the space I suspect that by 9 am PST tomorrow we would be ready to move.

If you have facebook, check out this page over there. For SURE you’ll find what you’re looking for, with many really solid alliances.


Ah I see, yeah was just asking if you were the leader so that if you were, you would be 2nd in command in respect to the fact that you would have been a former alliance leader, all good!

We currently have 17 free slots, so feel free to sign up if or when you choose to!

hi may i know what u referring to as the second in command?
Are we having some additional feature in the alliance?

Well it was an offer to the leader of that alliance if they joined my alliance. They would be the unofficial 2nd in command until they add things like officer roles, at which time the leader of your alliance would be designated an Officer.

Edit: I don’t know if they will ever add such features to alliances, but many have asked for them so im guessing they will be added at some point.

As the sort of “Under Boss” if you will, they would have authority within the alliance to organise things, if they wish! If the old leader wishes to simply remain a standard member after a merge thats fine!

Its an offer out of respect.

Where are you usually ending up in ranking on battle incubators at the end of the week?

Well last week we ended up rank 3 but a fair way in, but we have gotten more then 15 new members since then, so expect rank 4 in exploration.

Btw we only have 10 free member slots now, so spots are running out fast.

If you are still looking we have some room. Our alliance name is JWA MISSOURI. We are a family alliance and are very helpful.If any other prospect does not pan out, check us out. I’ve heard Stiffeno has a great guild too.


We are already 40% in Rank 3 and almost getting into rank 3 Defense.
Always complete 5-4 with days ahead.
But only 1-2 slots left.

Top Dinos would love to have you!!!