Any advice for my team?

Considering I’ve only been playing for about 4-5 months, I think this is pretty impressive (generally speaking I don’t buy incubators, just FYI). But does anyone have any advice on how I can improve my team?

You are approaching a wall where you will really want some degree of speed in there. Are you close to any of the better speed options? I see SpinotaS is down there too.

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Yeah…spinota has speed & bleed. And the crit impact really crits most of the time. Mine’s almost L26 and I’ll keep levelling it up (until Ludia nerfs it).

Yeah, i just want to get it a few more levels up before I use Spino. Though I’m not quite sure who I’d replace with it. Honestly, I think Suchotator is actually the more powerful of the two overall, or at least far more versatile.

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As you move up to where you see more Utarinex, Dilorach, and other powerhouses with speed I think you will shift your opinion. I do really like Suchotators kit.

I think at some point with all the tanky type dinos you are already running either Monostego or Stegocera May be what you work away from. Both act similarly in the current meta but are redundant in terms of what you need to fill out a balanced team able to counter a wider variety of special dinos. Not now, just saying. They also share DNA needs.

In regards to general versatility, SpinotaS currently works like this. Mid to late game he is faster than many dinos. He can switch into a slower dino and attack. The list of dinos slower than him is many. Some may be immune but he has CI for that. An opponent may have a hard time switching away from a late SpinotaS play because that speed means it gets back to back turns in most situations. Getting back to back turns means it can completely swoop away in many scenarios leaving many opponents dead without ever making a hit on him. Besides that he does what bleed normally does.

Because the list of dinos that fall prey to this situation is so long SuchoS has great versatility.