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Any Advice How to Win This Match-up?


I’m facing this ridiculous match-up. Tried twice already with my strongest dinos with advantages factored in, still lost. Here’s the opposing team and what I have:


Playing within the design of the game (i.e., no exiting mid-battle, no hacking, etc.), I think the answer is to give up. Just tried a third time, still failed. When the opponent can attain ridiculous levels that you can’t even smell, its time to call it quits.


Short answer: I have no idea. Many of us have pointed out that PvE become ridiculously difficult several weeks ago and has not improved.

Longer attempt (you’ve probably already done this).

Lead with a herbivore meat shield, maybe the Apatosaurus. Second with the Prestosuchus; third with the Unayrhynchus or some other strong-hitting herbivore.

In the first turn, get your one reserve point. The computer will hopefully switch from the Hatzegopteryx to the Yudon (one point gone). Then leave the Apatosaurus there and just accumulate reserve points until the Yudon kills it. Once the computer switches on turn 1, the Yudon will only have one hit (maximum 4755 damage with the 1.5 multiplier), so you should get two turns of reserve points at least (three points of reserve). Your Apatosaurus will be dead by turn 3, but at that point you should have 6 action points for your Prestosuchus. The Prestosuchus will have a 5386 damage against the Yudon, if my math is right. Use the bare minimum needed to take out the Yudon (you only need to land two hits; 5386*2.4 = 12,927).

Then use the Prestosuchus to get more reserve points. Don’t block anything. Just reserve back up to four and, if you can, attack to whittle down some of the pterosaur’s points. By then, you’ll have the Unayrhynchus to take out the two pterosaurs. Pay attention to how many action points it has vs. how much health your Unayrhynchus has left. Do the math. See what the minimum number of blocks you need is to stay alive (for example, the pterosaurs will have about 1600 damage against the Unayrhynchus, so use the multipliers to see how much potential damage they can do, and block the bare minimum to stay alive. If the pterosaurs have 4 actions points on their turn, your Unayrhynchus can take 2 hits (about 3840 damage), so use two blocks. 3 hits would be about 6400 damage (3 hits - 4x multiplier), so your Unayrhynchus will be dead.

Bring a calculator. Pay close attention to the actions points each of you have. And do the math.

It’s a long explanation, but hope it helps.

Oh, and use @Sionsith’s trick from the Gaming Beaver. :slight_smile: He can explain.

Good luck. Worst case scenario, it’s just a game. Plenty of other opportunity to advance by other means.


Thanks, Han. This set up is tough because it’s a carnivore sandwiched between two pterosaurs. Any advantage, i.e., amphibian over carnivore or herbivore over pterosaur, gets reversed at the next face-off even if I win the first fight. I don’t think exiting mid-game is how play was designed, so I don’t do that. I’d have to luck out to win, so there’s no point fighting on. I’ll start laying off the intensity given the ridiculosity. :japanese_ogre:


Good point, @DinoStan. My general strategy is to lead with a meatshield to gain reserve points, then try to use the second dino to take out the first two of my opponent’s, then my third to take out theirs. Your match-up is one more example of the PvE craziness that has all-too-often popped up in the game lately.

And yes, when you face off against opponents that are opposite the class-color-wheel (e.g., a herbivore and two amphibians), it’s hard to use class advantage without it biting you right back.

I’m guessing it’s your doggone Indoraptors that are tripping up your matchmaking. My level 30 Indominus is playing enough havoc on my matchmaking as is (fought a level 1069 Argentinosaurus today!). While the Indoraptor looks cool, and I’m close to being able to get one, it may be better to build my dinos from the bottom up to try to minimize the matchmaking craziness of PvE.

Good luck in the future!


@HanSoloWannaBe you are looking at the health on the Prestosuchus.

@DinoStan this is what I would do if you want to do this with out exiting…

Creatures in each slot
1: through away level 10 common
2: lvl 20 Indoraptor
3: lvl 40 prestosuchous or lvl 10 Indoraptor

First move reserve
Opponents turn will attack twice killing your Dino in slot 1.
2nd move 2 attack from your lvl 20 indoraptor and one block. This will kill the Hatzegopteryx.
At this point you each have two Dinosaurs left.
Up to this point is guaranteed to happen after will depend on what the PC does.

Opp Yudon will be up and can kill you in two so hopefully he goes for two, you will block one and have 3594 health left on your lvl 20 indoraptor.
On your 3rd turn block for 2 one reserve.
Opp turn again seeing that again it only takes two to kill you will hopefully attack for two or three. Either way you are still alive on your next turn, you will either have 3594 health or 424.
Attack with however many you need to kill Yudon, 3 if he used all of his points or 4 if he reserved one. The rest in reserve.

The ramphorhynchus will attack with as many as it takes to kill your lvl 20 raptor assuming you put all reserve into block. You will either have five or six points to use on your turn and it only takes 3 from your lvl 10 indoraptor to kill the opponents last Dino. So hopefully the opponent will have two or less after killing your lvl 20.


@DinoStan and yes I feel your pain…


Figures I’d screw up some numbers or look at the wrong one.

@DinoStan, you better go with @Sionsith on this one.


Try going Indo - Pres - Eolambia.

Use Indo as a meat shield, since Yudon would kill any herb, and Apata would have useless attacks if they lived, wheras your Indo can survive 3 single attacks from any AI dino.

Hopefully Hatz won’t 2-hit you turn 1, and you just have to balance out reserve and block for 2 turns, enough to build up enough attack to swap to Eolambia, so you can kill the Hatz, and reserve the rest so Yudon will waste attack points.Then just reserve and attack once the AI wastes attacks.

Option #2 is to run the same dinos game after game, and try and pick up on the ques that the AI used last game. Sometimes the AI is set to a certain attack pattern, and you might be able to mitigate those attacks. I.e, if the Hatz doesn’t use 2 attacks Turn 1, then you can go reserve Turn 1. Then if the Hatz does 2 block Turn 1, you can use 1 block to prevent a 2-hit KO, while gaining 2 reserve that you can use for your indo to kill the Hatz.

If that sounds too complicated, then maybe we could all work together on the battle with you, live, because there are infinite possibilities, and there is a slim percentage that you can win. This is a tricky battle, most likely caused by your Indo being a much higher level than your other dinos, causing the AI to get too difficult.

The same level problem happened to me, where I upgraded 2 lvl 10 mammoths into a lvl 20, and my lvl 30 legendary base-Cenozoic animals couldn’t compete with the AI. Thus I had to grind for more Cenozoic animals, especially legendary, so I could have a solid team. This was before any VIP Cenozoics, so I was locked into a lvl 20 Mammoth, lvl 40 Indricotherium, and lvl 40 Megatherium, and only those 3.

So don’t get a level 30 Indo, because then you’ll really screw yourself up, as your VIP dinos would become underpowered.


Bae, that’s the exact lineup I had on my last try.
The AI could be forcing me to upgrade my indo to 30, but that’ll leave a chasm between that champ and my next tier dinos.
With experience, I too think level 30 is a great level to hold as long as you can (until you fill up all 12 slots and must combine to make space; but that’s probably a long ways off …)
On the Cenozoic side, I love my Wooly Mammoth, Titanoboa and Gastornis at 30, gets me thru most battles, with the VIPs chipping in here and there, no hybrids coz I don’t need them.
The ones I’ve made 40, there’s been more than a tinge of regret: they draw stronger opponents and then hibernate too long before they’re available again.


The presto is good only against the yudon, pretty pathetic against that ptero with that much health points.
But I do get your point, though. The AI does seem to presume a 1 block on first move if it can knock out with a 2. Otherwise, as I tried with my indo 10, it only hit with a 1, and I had actually blocked that time. (Now a 2 hit from that ptero would have knocked my indo 10 out with a 2-hit.)
Indo_10-Indo_20-Eolambia_40 might stand a bleak chance.
But now it seems all this is getting too stressful, and taking the fun out of the game.
Previous challenges, a few tweaks in strategy here and there have gotten me thru.
This is ridiculous.


R1 - reserve
R2 - 1 reserve, 2 block
R3 - 4 reserve

Your Apatosaurus is now probably dead. If not, continue to reserve 4 and block 4 until the computer either kills you or exhausts all attack points on your shield.
Presumably, the computer switched to Yudon at some point. Minimum attack to kill with Presto (3, if I did my math right). Reserve the rest. Any points left after 4 reserve, put into block.
Minimum attack with Eolambia to kill Hatze (3). Split the rest between reserve and enough shield to survive (Eolambia can survive 1 hit from Rhamp)
Max attack to kill Rhamp (at least 4)


If you find that the Haze does 2 attacks on round 1, instead of switching:
block 1 on round 1
Block 2 on round 2
Block 3
Reserve 4

If still on Hatze, you’ll have to waste points swapping, but hopefully you have enough. I hate it when the computer grows a brain.


Thanks, Andy, but the two pteros here are so powerful they could easily eliminate my strongest herbs. The apos has super health but wimpy attack, so pretty useless. Believe me, I considered all herb options.
Just this morning, the battles on today’s challenges got harder than before, though still manageable, except for that rare-only one. I only have one hybrid rare ptero, and that ain’t recovering for 15 hours. Below is second round matchup, first round was pretty much identical, I think. And there’s a third round, which if AI brings three such amphis, then I’d have to luck out to win.

Perhaps I should be glad I’ve already accumulated lots of resources, so I might just let these challenges go by.


Your choice, but you’re misplaying Apatosaurus if you’re trying to attack with him. Block as long as you can and then reserve. You’ve got nothing to lose. Try it my way.


Andy, you should be promoted to Yoda. :t_rex:Tried your approach, and got the victory.
Reserved 1 on first, then the AI swapped to the carno, who hit me with 1, leaving my apos almost dead.

  • Reserved 3, carno didn’t strike.
  • Reserved 4 block 2, carno hits with 3, so apos is down.
  • Up comes presto, I presume carno has a block, so strike 4 reserve 4, but carno saved instead.
  • Haze arrives and strikes me with 5 (presuming I had 4 on block), so presto is out.
  • Now my eolambia is up, strike 3 block 3 reserve 2, knocks out Haze.
  • Rhamphy strikes with the full 4, hurray. I win with a clean 6 strike.
  • BUT, WHAT IF rhamphy had not used 4 attack on that final drive? I’d probably still have gone full 6 attack, because I’d lose only if rhamphy blocks with the full 4. The AI occasionally does that, but then, that’s the risk all players have to take at some point.


This method has been my key to success for the last couple of months. My battles became a lot more manageable once I started assuming my first dinosaur my a dead lizard walking.


Good wisdom in this thread from numerous posters. Thanks to all. Having multiple strategies to tackle nigh-impossible match-ups like we’ve been getting lately is helpful.

Ludia, please consider changing how you do the matchmaking for PvE. The matchmaking for PvP seems great; maybe do something similar for PvE?

Players, don’t max out any of your highest dinos! Keep them all about the same level. I actually am now able to build an Indoraptor. As much as I’d like to just for coolness’ sake, I’m not doing it. I’m not going to get these already-too-difficult matchups to be turn to next-to-impossible!


I’ve got a policy of not hybridizing unless I have two level 40s of both of the creatures to be fused. So far, it’s kept me out of too much trouble.


My 6-yr-old wanted to see what level 40s look like, and I succumbed, hence the ridiculous matchups, I think. Should’ve gone to YouTube to view!