Any advice on finding blue in the wild


The special event didn’t go as planned and I wasn’t able to unlock blue as I had dreamed. Can I find her in the wild, where would she spawn? Thanks team


I don’t think you’ll really find blue in the wild If you do see blue it would be a super rare thing I do believe ! Most epics are pretty rare depending on if your out and about much .But chin up lots of other good Dino’s to catch that leveling up will make them monsters in battles :+1::grin::canada:



But she has to eventually start spawning in the wild, or it would be impossible to level her up! I believe she can’t spawn now but she will in a near future update, or else she will become pointlesss soon.


Yeah, 99% that she is not available in the wild yet.

But hey, there’s that sweet Incubator with her face on it. What a coincidence. :wink:


Sure, right now the way to acquire her is via the incubator, but that incubator will go away soon. After that, they NEED to release her in the wild or she would be impossible to level up.


I’m sure she is gonna be in the wild soon, at least she better. I wouldnt understand the point of never being able to level her up. Same with Charlie, Delta and Echo.

On the plus side, I see epic T-Rex a lot in the wild =) So hopefully it wont be such ridiculous rarity to see her.


Haha yeah I even spent real money on that hopeing to fill the gap. Not 1 blue DNA, what a joke.