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Any advice

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Working towards magna and erlidom. Will take me a while but was just wondering who to bench. I’m thinking on not levelling tryo, trago and utahsino anymore as these would be the ones being replaced. Feel my team needs a little bit more speed but need more immunity. Would love outside thoughts. Regards

I think once yours magna created replace it with tryos

I’d start working on Rinex and Thor

I just got Thor today replaced tryo.

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if you are going the thor way :smiley: I think two hit and run dinos (dilora, erlidom) are enough with dracocera.

Utarinex is really good but sino dna is not that easy to split between utarinex and thor and maybe 3 dinos that can run would be a bit too much.

Ohh and maybe you should try going VIP (for a month) for the upcoming week if you are working on erlidom.

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Trago is great when it gets higher level. I’ll never take it off my team

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Good idea with VIP :+1:t2:

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Not gonna lie, at first I thought that the Dimetrodon was on ur team and got super confused lol

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