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Any advices about my team?


Any advices on how I could make my team better i’m In the 7th arena and I loose most of the time :confused:


First concern that comes to mind is that you have 3 raptors. While they’re useful in some situations, it might be better to swap Pyro or Utahraptor for Stegosaurus, Amargaceph, etc.

Having a sufficiently leveled creature with Immunity (like Postimetrodon or Koolasuchus) is also pretty useful because they can’t be slowed down, have their attack reduced, etc. If you’re able to utilize any sort of Immune creature, that should help as well.

Otherwise, just keep on darting and working toward stronger, more powerful hybrids!


You have plenty coins level that stegodeous and your gorgosuchus as you’ve got dna available. Bin two of your raptors. Swap for any of your top row of your collection.


Reality time, ready? Your team isnt readyfor 3500+. 3500 youll see teams between lvl 17-20 dinos and by 4000 its consistently 20+. You should work hard on the entry level legendary dinos and level everything you have


Honestly don’t really want to level them since I need some of the dna for other hybrids


You don’t want to level stegodeous… well it’s your funeral my friend.


Ive learned 1 valuable lesson in this life, memorize these words… Shes right, just listen to her. Gorgo is fairly solid into arena 8, he wont keep you there but he will help GET you there and stegodeus is a top tier dino


But leveling up Stegodeus means no gigaspikasaurus :slightly_frowning_face:


I have a level 22 stegodeous and no giga… it’s tv right decision :sweat_smile:


I have and love both… Stegodeus is better but heres the thing. You need to grind and level. If you want giga, np but youll need to still lvl stegodeus and everything else


Why cant you just love him the way he loves you Heather… Look at the anguish on his face because you reject him.


I have 90/200 but it’s just to valuable for stegodeous just now :joy:


Sorry giga I love you, you big green giraffe :hugs:


stegodeus is trash. everyone (especially those in the 4600 trophy range :wink: ) just get it off your team and go with giga even if it’s only level 16.


You’ve asked for help from people who are alot better than you, and you’ve dismissed the best advice


Wait for the new release to be online, it will be within this week (if not right away with the maintenance forecasted for tomorrow) then you will see some adjustments on the new meta and you can see what kind of dino to focus on. The new meta should be “damage over time” (DoT) dinos and Swap In Abilities, so you need immune dinos and dinos with cleansing strike to counter DoT and some dinos with SIA.


You really don’t need to wait for a new release to know that if you can level stegodeus, you should level up stegodeus


Before I got stegodeus I did kinda want giga, however looking back now I’m glad I chose to focus on stego completely, also levelled it up to 18


i wonder if you use pinning strike if it prevents something from swapping in :thinking:
which one overrides the other?


I have mine ready to be lev 20 and I am waiting. He asked for some advice, I gave mine :sweat_smile:

I am also waiting for my sucotator who is ready to be lev 18, and I should upgrade her for the new DoT meta. I am just waiting because I don’t have any hurry, seasonal tournaments is gone, I always have my 4 incubators slot filled… So I am not in a hurry. That’s all. :relaxed: