Any advices for the next golden strike tower with the Raptors?

Hi everyone, as everyone knows , there will be a strike tower with 3 Raptors. Blue 27, Charlie 25 and delta 26. Any advice for a good team with what I got?

I’m sure to take stegodeus and velociraptor but don’t know who I need in addition to succeed
Here some of my dinos

Thank you.

Do not use anything with invincibility. Crashes the game and gives you a loss.

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Lol thank you, I know that :sweat_smile: already experienced this bug. Any advice for the team though?

Your team isn’t looking too hopeful. Lol. Blue will probably be the first dino that you fight and blue always uses shield as its first move. So keep that in mind. So a dino with nullify or shield break will be needed. Stegod is an obvious choice. I’m not sure bringing in velociraptor will be a good choice. At that level, I don’t think he’d one shot Charlie or delta. I’d go indominus and cloak. Pray cloak works.

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Just wondering, with the invincibility bug, can you use it to your advantage? Keep a swap in invincible ready if you know you’re going to lose. Swap it in, let the defeat happen. Restart game and try again. Use this if you don’t get the starting matchup you want because next time it will be different. I haven’t been hit by the bug so don’t know, but seems like a good way to get a favourable start and a better chance to win.


LOL - that’s what you call thinking outside the box


After a bit of reading, seems to only happen when facing immune Dino’s, so unfortunately it will not help here.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking , I don’t want to bet on cloak but maybe i don’t have the choice. Blue is really annoying me :sweat_smile: especially hp and shield xD.

Stegod, Monostego… maybe even the Stegosaur or V-raptor to finish the job

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He’s talking about the new strike event today with 3 raptors.

Yeah I just saw lol. Forget that :joy::joy:

Thats what I was thinking maybe switch monostego for stegoceratop , I think I can lvl up him once or twice

Keep monostego! It has armor and nullifying impact. You could use that against blue. And she gets a buff on the next update.

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Ha the strike tower will be long gone by the time the updates through.

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Do we have the numbers yet? What kind of damage and Hp do these guys have?

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I’ve got Blue with 3650hp doing 1400 damage… no wait that’s L30 what levels are these guys at?
I’m too tired to do this I’m gonna wait for someone else to post this time.

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It’s going to be doubly hard with out Tragodistis and his Long Defence too :confused:

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Keep an eye on Metahub… they’re undoubtedly working on a guide for this now. And GL!

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Blue lvl 27, Charlie lvl 25, delta lvl 26…

Blue was first did not shield. Maybe it knows Postimetron.

Dont think I can advise this team. You are being heroic definetly deserve bigger prize than us lot smashing them with lvl 26 Stegods etc.