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Any alliances need members?


My boyfriend, son and I are looking to join a more active alliance! I know that sounds silly but it’s fun together! We’d like to bein an alliance that participates in playing more.


Yes…my daughter and I have one…it is the dilophosaurus catchers…she and I play alot and are looking for people that want to play and share the wealth in the game

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Our alliance is looking for active members.

Please send request to Specialized Hunters or friend request to Quicksilver#6040

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Ours need some active players it’s TJC2019
My player name is MrsVlazqz #4658

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Virginia USA
We’re gaining members everyday- come help us no matter your progress!


dinos tec =)


AlphaOmegaSquad could use some, but there’s a thread already stating it.


We have 49 members in Virginia USA



We play together as a family too. No DNA sharing obligation but feel free between the three of you!


London Raptors are recruiting, following a purge of inactives. You don’t have to come from London!

Looking for people of all levels who will be regularly active in all parts of the game.

We’re a friendly bunch so come and join us :slight_smile:


Hi - I am looking for members so badly - I am a very active player and would love to have some members to join - please consider my alliance - it is “Canadino” so anyone is welcome - please join : )


My alliance will soon be in need of members. 1/5 of my 50 member alliance has fallen idle and at high noon there will be a purge. (alliance name is: Dino Hunters)


Sorry - it’s a repeate - Hi - do u have an alliance already, cuz I am a very active player and am looking for members



My alliance is looking for active players.

Alliance name = Specialized Hunters
Send friend request to Quicksilver#6040

Thanks. Looking forward you joining our alliance.


Yes mine is TJC2019 we need mores


Big Blue looking for active players


Not silly at all! PourNo4PyroRapTors is looking for members who are active, who try to contribute as much DNA as they request, who put effort into helping with every challenge. Even if, say, you don’t have lots of supply barrels near you, at least you can spend time in the Arena filling up your incubator slots. There are so many kinds of challenges from week to week, there should be at least one or two areas where you can help the group advance.

We plan to keep a close eye on activity levels, and anyone who seems to be skating from week to week risks getting kicked out. Also, based on what’s common around us, we appear to be in Area 4 as far as spawns go (Suchomimus EVERY. WHERE) but given that a few blocks away that switches to Majunga and Megalo, we’re near the border with Area 1. So if you’re in Area 2 or 3 we would LOVE to invite you in, and see if we can all do something useful with our respective surpluses.

Do a search for PourNo4PyroRapTors (really, it wouldn’t take PourNo spelled correctly because EEK, even though it’s a reference to a band, not to anything illicit or racy!) or you can add any of us as friends: nhstyle (#0763) is the leader, and AidenDinoTeam8 (#9265) and LouCFir (#7487) are administrators. Or at least the leader claims he’s going to give us admin privileges haha…

I’m going to talk to the other members, and see if maybe we want a way to reach out to any new members we recruit, so that we all have the capability to express ourselves if there is something lacking from the alliance or any particular members. If there is some reason such a request is objectionable, I hope the moderators will leave my comment alone so that others can reply and explain why it’s a problem. Really don’t want to create problems or drama, definitely not trying to cheat, we just want members who get into the game as much as we do and want a team that benefits all its members.