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Any Alliances Recruiting?

Hi, I am currently searching for a suitable alliance for myself. Here is some information about myself:

  • I play the game 50-120 minutes a day
  • I am level 20
  • I am very passionate
  • I sit at around 4750-4900 trophies
  • My team consists of level 23-25 creatures
  • My devices keyboard doesn’t work well :grimacing:

Here are some things I’m looking for from an alliance:

  • Active Players
  • Passionate Players
  • Level 5-15 Sanctuary’s
  • Decent Alliance Championship Rewards

Need more information about myself:

  • My User Name: MINMIgen2
  • My User Number: 1365

In Conclusion, I hope you consider adding me to your alliance. Thank you for you consideration.

my alliance is recluting
and don’t worry for the keyboard my keyboard doesn’t work well too

Thanks for considering. Could you please post the name of your alliance so I can request to join. Thank You! :grinning:

ok our alliance named BeasT WarS TF

You are welcome to join Newraptors.
Newraptors alliance:

  • Active Players
  • Passionate Players
  • Decent Alliance Championship Rewards