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Any alliances still hitting rank 5?

When the alliance update first dropped, my alliance was stoked and hitting rank 4/4 consistantly, but now were only getting 4/3 or most recently 3/3.
Is anybody else noticing a decline in overall activity or is it just my alliance?
I grind daily and try to push those numbers up, but i feel like one persons grind can’t make up for inactive members.

TL;DR is your alliance hitting rank 5? Any spots open? :yum:

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Every week

I’m in the same boat. My alliance hit 5/4 every week until now, when I guess everybody just gave up without saying anything. I know a few of us worked hard but it wasn’t enough… I’m disappointed.

Keeping an eye on this thread!

We’re consistently scoring 5-4 quite easily. Thanks to our active members. Sorry atm we’re full.

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Exactly. Its like no matter how much effort our active members put in, its never enough and it starts to make everyone feel defeated since all that effort went to waste and wasn’t enough

My alliance used to make rank 5 but last week missed out on by 80k rare dna. The rare mission has always been a close call for us even though the others are finished 1,5 day before ending.

But we didnt really feel like less active. To is it felt like every other week we would have made it but last week was awful for the rare dna mission. Just 1 doable golden strike instead of 2/3. (The one with magna was not doable for most in the alliance) and no rare dino strike event because rares came first to contribute to the missions.

So if interested let me know by PM please. I will kick inactives tonight so have some open spots.

We ( Michigan monsters) get 5-4 every week.
Only had the big rare task once and that was close but we did make it.
Must say we have a great active alliance :sunglasses:


I’m so happy with my gang right now. I am guessing now that the weather has been better everyone is playing less, but we reached 5 in explore Sat afternoon and 4 in defense Sunday so all is still good. 1.7 couldn’t come soon enough and I’m sure that is playing a role in activity level too. I’m not one to burn out easy, but the way things have been lately are getting to me for sure.


The Alliance I’m in hit the 5th level in the first week that it was introduced before Ludia pulled it for fixing. Since then, we hit 3rd and no higher. Makes me wonder whether the “fixing” was making it harder to get the higher rewards.

5/4 every time. Last week 5/5 just to prove we could.

Dazed Dinos II has reached 5-4 every week, usually without any problem except for this week when we really had to cooperate to complete the rare DNA requirement for the Exploration mission (e.g., by requesting rare DNA no one really needs). But we did it by Sunday afternoon (previously by Friday or Saturday). I don’t think anyone has been less active - like pp said, it was because of the change in weekly events.

We have no openings right now but this can change. Keep us in mind :slight_smile:

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We were 4/3 every week, but this last week down to 3/3. 20% of the players just seemed to quit playing all together as I have 13 zero trophy’s in the bottom of the list. I know a few or those are still there.

The quit rate is 5 to 10% per week and that’s not people leaving the alliance. These are people who just quit playing.

I want a tool that shows last log in and auto kicks after some set amount of days not logged on. Going though every one once a week is just a pain.


We hit 5-4 every week with dedicated players. Do constantly have openings do to people losing interest or just quitting as well.

United Nations still hitting 5/4 with ease :ok_hand::muscle:
Altough we really need a change in rewards to stay motivated. (A change every 2-3 weeks would be nice)

Usually Hit rank 5 on Sino by Thursday.

Not super motivated for Concavenater so get to rank 4 easily but don’t really go the extra mile on that one.


My Alliance achieved one rank lower than we normally do.

The reason that it’s harder to achieve now is that there are less strike events which means less coins, DNA, and less incubators that count as opened! There are also less days to collect DNA from the featured creature special event so people are not darting as much, not getting as many direct hits, and collecting less common, rare, and epic DNA overall. I HATE THIS NEW EVENT SCHEDULE!!

What did they expect we would say? YaY! LESS STUFF TO DO AND LESS DNA AND COINS! WHOOHOO!

5/4 every week with the best alliance.
Love the guys/girls in Elites of JWA.

Idk if we could do 5/5, but atm it isnt worth our time.

5-4 reliably also. Took a few weeks to find our pace so we are steady with it.

We have hunters and we have the battle crew, it all works out nicely. Some folks like Friendlies, some Arena, some throwing darts, some do a little of everything and we all open a few Dailies. Whatever folks are comfortable with. If we start to fall behind somewhere, we put out a call and folks all chip in to do what needs doing to get us back on track. Sunday is starting to be our day of rest where we can just relax and clean up loose ends.

I don’t know what to tell the folks whose game is falling off. Find a more enthusiastic Alliance with people who do not sit on a forum griping all day maybe?