Any Australian Alliances out there?

Hey there, looking for an active Australian Alliance (or with a large number of people in a similar time zone)

I’m level 20, currently 4920 medals, active daily, and keen to do more raids (current alliance doesn’t have enough people playing at same time for me)


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There are sooo many alliances out the with tons of people on at all times. Download Discord and go to their recruiting page. I picked up an alliance there almost immediately and it was a game changer. You won’t regret it. If you’re more focused on playing casually and raiding, maybe make sure the alliance you join isn’t tournament focused. If you’re into the tourneys, as well, then aim for an alliance that places high so you can get as much season rewards as possible.

My alliance, Long Neck Challenge, will love to have you! We are an international alliance and many of our active members - myself included - are in Southeast Asia. I’m on GMT+8 timezone, for reference.

We get Rank 9 Defence and Rank 10 Exploration weekly incubators and Tier 7 in tournaments. We can do all raids within our alliance and also are part of ARK so we have 3 Level 20 sanctuaries.

Discord activity is mandatory for us though. Do you have Discord?


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