Any beginner friendly Alliances I can join?

Hello hello. I’m pretty new to Jurassic World Alive, having only installed the game on Wednesday (so less than a week when this was posted).

The title says it all, are there any active, beginner friendly alliances I could join?

If it helps, here’s some information about me as a player:
-I am only level 7, however, I am active daily, so helping with quests should be easy for me.
-My highest leveled creatures (at the time of this post being uploaded) are level 13. So I might not be too much of help in tournaments (though I can still try).
-I have plenty of DNA, at least compared to how long I’ve been playing for. Darting dinos that pop up with Giga Scent has been really helpful. I’ll mostly be able to donate common and rare DNA.
-Due to being new and low leveled, I can’t fuse for hybrids yet and, as previously mentioned, my highest leveled creatures are level 13. So, I won’t really be too helpful with legendary, unique, or apex raids, but I might (and should) be able to help with epic raids (exceptions being if there’s a cheesy strategy that works with low level creatures against higher level raids).

I do have preferences, however, not all of these need to be met. Some include:
-Active (only mandatory one, everything below is optional)
-Has beginner friendly expectations for pvp (such as tournaments)
-Whether mandatory or optional, has some place where members can communicate (ideally a Discord or Amino, but a Forum on Ludia’s website works too, once I gain the ability to reply to threads).

I thank those in advance that help me find a beginner friendly alliance to join, and I look forward to helping people out, whether it be through quest completion or DNA donations.

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Hmmm, you should join the discord, there are many helpful people there and many alliances looking for members. I don’t have the link but I bet someone else could post it here.

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Oh, thank you for the suggestion-
I’ll most definitely join the Discord in that case (once I get/find the link of course)

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Hi can you message me on discord at Daylan2003#1265, it’s easier to communicate, I’m the leader if “I squared R Dinos” ,discord is a free app on the app store

Any beginner is welcome to our alliance;

“Apex Anka”

Hello, Honor Among Thieves is recruiting and new player friendly. We have a Discord channel also, but it isn’t necessary to get help and chat with others in game.