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Any bets on how bad they mess up today's Moment of glory?

Last week they messed it up by making it an hour early AND the wrong character requirement. That previous week they put the wrong character requirement.

Let’s see how bad they mess it up today.

Here is my bet. In keeping with the spirit of “Test of Might”, today the “free” Moment of Glory will cost 30 diamonds.

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Servers won’t be able to handle it. They’re been awful this week.

Again it’s an hour early, but the right character and challenge this time.

well of course it was early, and hence I missed it. SMH @Jon

You didn’t miss a lot. 25*50 = 1250 gold worth of free runs. This isn’t a big deal considering what challenges you’ve unlocked and definitely not something to change your social plans for (unless you’re an absolutely new player).

Very disappointing.

YAY they only got it half wrong!

Wait wait… let’s be optimistic.

Atleast they got half of it right! That pretty much means they only give half a damn about this game considering they had either all week to plan this event or 4 days since posting of the schedule to correct the times.

I like the free moment of glory costing 30 gems joke though. Heart for you <3