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Any chance of an answer to this Ludia?

When boosts were first introduced they were available every day until everyone’s realised it was making the arena way too toxic.

So much so they were recalled and speed boosts were made less effective and the sales were limited.

Fast forward to 2.0 and the old boosts were wiped, and the new system came into play, and to use Ludias words, we wanted to make boosts a fun part of the game, and not a chore.

So, why have boosts been available in the store every single day for a month now?

You know how they make the arena a place that most players prefer to avoid, so what on earth possessed you to do this?


The soul of Dracoceratops.


You forgot to mention the part of boosts 1.0 were they purposely led all their content creator believe boosts were going to be extremely limited in sales because thats what they saw in the beta and Ludia even let them post articles and videos about it without never feeling the need to correct them.

Then they sold them everyday in the shop for 3 weeks.

Somehow they could get the speed boost bypass shop fix to stay working either cause somedays it would work others it was “fixed”.

Ludia is all about misinformation.


Idk what they have planned but currently a way to better boosts right now is somehow make it so players can’t create massive crutches. Some way to enforce balance them throughout dinos.

I bet you would see less complaints. Majority of complaints come from some massively all maxxed boosted dinosaur crutch that players create. Then other players ask “why am I seeing this”.

It’s because they rely heavily on crutches so when they aren’t drawn they meet you and make others feel like little ants as the crutch basically sweeps 2 dinos out easily. Then they rise up when there crutches are selected. But they will be back to meet you again as they go down.

Players don’t even know the really bad things crutches cause. There is no balance. Create massive crutch surround it with folders like monosteg and rat. Those 2 protect the crutches. The arena can be quite some bs because of how players are allowed to distribute boosts.

Boosts all around cause it but there are some things they could consider, starting with no more massive crutching.


What you have to realize is that boosts 2.0 had absolutely nothing to do with fixing boosts 1.0

Boosts 2.0 was a thinly disguised way to monetize them even more and make them available for purchase EVERY DAY rather than just 2 days a week under the pretense of “fixing” them. We were all so desperate for that “fix” that we bought it lock, stock, and barrel. I know I did.

They have been on sale so long now that once again teams that average 2 to even 3 levels below mine are more powerful. (I bought during 1.0, I refuse now and haven’t since the reset)

Boosts sole purpose for existing is to exploit the players that have the disposable income and competitive nature for profit. They were NEVER supposed to be a “fun customization feature”. That’s a load of crap.

Simple: $$$$. Piles of it.

EDIT: To answer the title of this post - you’ll get your answer tomorrow with the next boost sale.


Spot on @Tuco! I bought into too. Especially since the arena was not bad at all for a week or so after the reset. Then I think, most of us realized what LootzYa’s real strategy was.

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Well this is exactly what I think too Tuco.

I said as much when they brought 2.0 in, and got pretty much slated by everyone for saying so.

It seems that everyone is now fully aware of the real reason behind 2.0 now.

So come on Ludia, are you going to admit that this was your plan all along?

People had stopped buying boosts with 1.0 as they had got their teams up to level 7 or 8, so you brought this in to get them to carry on buying. Or am I wrong?

Please enlighten me because the silence is deafening on this subject from you guys.


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Yeah, I have had that thread going for almost 30 days now and not a peep from them. Surprised the mods have not said anything either. They are great, but I know they can only say what management allows them to. Has to be a pretty cruddy job…




So, why have boosts been available in the store every single day for a month now?

In a word, Greed.


Worst of all: Most of us took the HUGE devaluation of the boosts we did buy as collateral damage, convinced it would be best for this game and it’s playerbase if a new system came where boost would become a tiny addition. We all know now that we “sacrificed” our own hard cash once again just so Ludia can make more of it. Selling false promises , devaluating our money spent (once again) and doing the straight opposite of what they promised us without any consequence…


The devaluing was straight up theft imo.



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Absolutely right Poezzzie.

The players were sure that 2.0 was going to rectify things, and if they were only sold once or twice a week then possibly there may still be the odd player that still thinks that.

Not now though.

And still no response from Ludia.

At this point I wonder if GamePress have any comment on a month of boost sales and it’s effect on the game.


Well I guess they figure that you cant burn down a dumpster thats already burned to the ground lol.


Yeah, Lootzya straight up lied about their intent with boosts 2.0.

Big Boss: “Jenkins, this boost idea of yours seems to be working pretty well, people are actually buying them. We probably could have charged even more.”

Jenkins: “Actually boss, it’s not too late! People are complaining. Let’s relaunch it. Take what they have spent, devalue it and then have them pay even more to buy them all back. Better yet, we can tell them they asked for us to do this! We can give them crud about it just being a ‘fun’ customization element.”

Big Boss: “Gee Jenkins, that would be kind of dishonest though…I mean, here at Ludia we’re all about treating the players fairly.”

Both: “Hahahahahaha!!”

Big Boss: “So yeah, let’s definitely do that.”


That’s just brilliant :joy:


It’s almost as if you were a fly on the wall for that meeting jv!