Any chance Ptera will get a hybrid in the future?




Most likely. I doubt they’d only give one hybrids to Pterosaurs.


It’s hard to say atm. But I think Ludia will change their stats later. Their stats make them very difficult to use except for the legendary hybrid. In my opinion, big pterosaurs like Quetzalcoatlus can have higher hp because their swap in abilities are related to defense. Smaller pterosaurs like pteranodon can have higher speed stats to help them to utilize swap in ferocity. I def want to see more flier hybrids haha


I currently have the Ptera at 15 so I’m not sure if I should save those points for later use. Atm, I’m just experimenting with both epics.


If I were you I would save the dna and leave it at lvl 15 just in case. But I don’t know how often Ludia adds new dinos/hybrids to the game.