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Any changes to in game move text?


If past updates are any indication, coming changes to moves are sometimes shown a little early as a clue. As 1.7 draws closer, I’m curious if anyone has noticed any changes to in game move text? Basically, any move that reads differently than what it currently does. This maintenance period may bring some if there weren’t any yet. I can’t comb through them all, and this is the kind of job that’s perfect for crowd sourcing to within our community. Thanks in advance for any findings :pray:


This happened a little while back, but swap in distraction changed to 90%.

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You mean like how Dracocera is only DSS now


Is this true? Mine is in another language and they don’t always change in advance.

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Unfortunately, no. It’s not true, but maybe one day? As long as they’re still seeing everyone spending on it, it should be fine.

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Nah, made y’all look. Sorry, slow day at the office

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Nothing else besides swap in stun has changed yet? Seriously?! They must be hard at work on those aquatics :flushed:

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