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Any day in Ludia's user satisfaction department

Wednesday, April 29, Ludia’s user satisfaction department

Guys, let’s start the bi-monthly meeting to discuss what improvements we can make to make our players more satisfied. Our surveys indicate that there are more and more unhappy users.

First point of the day: The Yoshi
Polls say it is the most hated dinosaur in the game, especially in weekend tournaments. This weekend there has been a massive thread naming this weekend’s Yoshi tournament “the worst tournement of all time” What can we do? I want ideas!

  • I propose that in the month of May not only will there be another Yoshi tournament, but it will be the last and it will count double!
  • Awarded! More ideas !
  • I propose that in June there will be a Yoshi tournament again
  • Fine, but it’s not enough!
  • We can make Yoshi participate in all tournaments of the month, all five!
  • Bravo! Anything else?
  • Yes, I have the definitive idea !! In the Yoshi tournament in June we will not allow the commons, the rare non-hybrids or the epic non-hybrids to participate to prevent Yoshi from having a rival even if he is weak. Goodbye to Miragaia, carbonemys etc. There should only be Yoshi !!
  • You have impressed me! Really brilliant!

Second point of the day: IndoG2
Polls say it’s another one of the game’s most hated dinosaurs. In this case, both in the monthly tournament and in weekend tournaments. Many say that it is too strong to be legendary and that the only thing that fixes the situation a bit is that it is not easy to evolve because Blue is an exclusive component. what can we do?

  • I propose that Blue be the reward for the entire month of May
  • Perfect!
  • I propose that the May weekend tournament reward be tenontorex so that no one is missing Trex2
  • awarded
  • I raise the bet! that one week in May users can hunt Indominus Rex, twelve attempts !!!
  • And that Indog2 can also be hunted directly in the same week!
  • (general applause)
  • anything else?
  • What do you think if we make the first two weeks of June the alliance rewards include echo and blue !!
  • hahahaha, good !!! Shall we continue or leave it already?
  • We continue! We continue !! we continue !!
  • That the first week of May the green towers allow hunting echo and blue !!
  • Bravo !!!
  • and that the incubators of the week also give echo and Blue !!
  • and that the second week of June the green towers give Blue again!
  • And the incubators too !!!
  • We are the Champions, we are the Chamions !!!
  • We can also …
  • It’s 4 in the afternoon, tomorrow we continue !!!

Keep in mind Blue was also a CotM in December.

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Yes, I know, it never repeats … except for a dino as exclusive as Blue …

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if they had just kept the exclusivity of blue, indoraptor 2 would not be as much of a problem for many. it would take way longer to make. (pretty sure blue is level locked in the sancs) and would potentially remain low level and under leveled compared to a good many teams.


Right. IndoG2 was said to be a Top dinosaur despite being legendary because it was difficult to create. I never agreed with it, but I had to accept it and fight IndoG2 level 26 or 27 rivals more powerful than most unique 30. A nightmare battle after battle.

So now that all of its components are a pest, what should we say? Do we still consider that IndoG2 deserves to be a Top Dinosaur?


This post has made me smile!

For an exclusive Dino the availability of Blue has been incredible over the past six weeks, and will be for the next two.

It seems like Ludia want everyone to be using Indoraptor Gen2 doesn’t it?

So speed boosts will be vital so you get to go first in the inevitable speed ties I guess…


i say it just has to beat OG indo. other than that it should probably only be slightly stronger. higher end of High Apex/ Lower end of Low Tyrant kind of thing. It is the perfected version of the movie’s strongest hybrid.

We really need to slow down the exciting move that is Cautious Strike. Maybe add a 20-second delay whenever it is selected. Would add more intrigue and suspense and prevent battles from ending so quickly.


I was of the opinion “hard to create, it’s okay”. But now it’s one of the easiest dinos to create/level in this game, all because of how much DNA has been handed out.

As for Yoshi… I’m just sick of that thing full stop. I hope it gets a complete rework in the next update.

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What I would do is give a little more power to the Cautious Strike. . One option is that Cautious Strike, in addition to everything it does, can stun, shield, and add 50% power to the hit. Another option is that every time someone uses the cautious Strike, the rival player gets a cramp on the phone and the phone is deconfigured by putting the characters of the Russian alphabet (except if it is Russian that would put Chinese) …, more ideas !! !


That’s not enough! Cautious Strike should have a 100% Attack boost for 3 turns, +60% Critical Chance, 100% shield, give cleanse back, bypass armour, destroy shields, remove Cloak and Dodge, buff the distraction to 90%, buff the dodge chance to 100%, regenerate 50% health, deal 2x damage next round, speed up 50%, inflict 33.4% DoT to opponent for 3 turns, slow opponent for 3 turns, inflict vulnerability to opponent immediately and for the next round, prevent opponent for swapping for 2 turns, 100% chance to stun, nullify and crash your opponent’s phone so you get a 100% chance of winning!


Yes, but it is important that everyone can have a Indo2 at level 30. I think they are proposing that Blue DNA comes out in the Yogurs caps :slight_smile:


Let’s do a Indoraptor Gen 2 hybrid pursuit again and add Blue and Echo to all the events even if it doesn’t even fit in the theme like self increase! Actually why not give legendary incubators for this week in replace for treasure chases and inside is 400 Indoraptor Gen 2 :slight_smile:


@bobbymcfeen wrote a great reply like this when someone made a “buff Indo G2” thread . Unfortunately, the thread was flagged and deleted, so the reply is gone :disappointed_relieved:

Just wish there was either a Common and/or Rare tournament at some point.

Tournaments are getting kind of repetitive now :frowning:

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Yes! My purrolyth and lion are itching for some butt kicking

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The month of June is over and soon there will be a new user satisfaction meeting.

The members of the committee are nervous. After getting their “Yoshi tournament” chosen by the community “the worst tournament in history” in April, they held a double-counted Yoshi tournament in May. It seemed hard to beat but in June they had a double counted Yoshi tournament with no non-hybrid rivals. But how to overcome it? How to make a tournament even more disgusting? How to make more players leave the game forever? They don’t have it easy !!!

Maybe 4 tournaments only Yoshi and Indo2? They already did that in June!

A tournament where you can only compete with Yoshi and Indo2? 2 of each? it is an option.

May the tournament reward of the month be Yoshi or Indo2? Even for them I think it would be too cruel …

We are waiting

  • No no it’s not that difficult
  • explain?
  • well you know we have random and “our random” right?
  • continue
  • we’ll have all select a team of 8 as we always do but have only 10 players get Yoshi in their team. All others will have randomised teams, picking any of the 8 creatures except of course…
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All great ideas we should also change the graphics to Indo g2 & Yoshi and make all arena incubators give only indo g2 and Yoshi and just for good measure we should allow requesting any rarity of Dino’s from your alliance…as long as they’re Indo g2 and Yoshi of course. I’m sure the players will be delighted!