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Any DINOxMAMMAL hybrid ideas?

when i say dino, i want to include crocodilians, birds and pterosaurs. i think kelenkenXbrachiosaurus. just think what that would look like

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Kapro x Smilodon would be interesting. A furry leopard-spotted croc.




yeah, i have way too much kapro dna and smilo dna is piling up too. were you thinking a croc with fur or lion with a long snout and big teeth

abuse is ok in the name of science

Croc head is all I want on it, rest can be furry as smilo with the spots. I’ve maxed my Kapro and yet I still have over 9k DNA on it.

i doubt a furry croc will be a thing, i also think that it wont have smilo or kapro colours

I’d like to see furry dinos like Lord Lythronax, because so far we’ve only got mammals that have a few patches of missing fur, but not dinos or other reptiles that inherited fur.

Also, both Smilo and Kapro have yellow + brown colors, so I don’t see why not. Unless they pull a Utarinex and turn it green or red.

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im just saying that a furry crocodile would be suicidal hindering for the creature

Well the Kapro in JWA is mostly on land, so if it’s about swimming, it’s not a swimmer. If it’s about heat regulation, Lythronax is quite fluffy and reptilian, so it’s not going to overheat.

i wouldnt say that dinos are reptiles but then again i kinda want to. we cant use lythronax as an example because dinos and crocs are very different and have very different lifestyles. also we cant really prove anything about non-aviant dinos because the have been long extinct

JWA doesn’t really even follow the rules when it comes to critters anyway. The velos don’t have any feathers and are quite huge, the spino is leaning more toward bipedal and it doesn’t have that tail that recent discovery shows it might have had, so wouldn’t be too weird to have a croc that has mammal skin. They merged a pterosaur with an amphibian and a sauropod and made Geminititan.

they can do whatever comes to mind with hybrids but i think that if they made this hybrid, it would be smilodon with a croc head and long tail. the spino tail thing is correct but its been debated if spino was bipedal because nothing can be proven and every fact about extinct dinos is speculation and theory

I’d like it if it would be with croc head and long tail, but sadly Ludia would just make it smilodon with croc skin and it would basically be this all over again:


The real question is, would they lay eggs or give birth if they could?

Lay eggs and feed their young with milk like an echidna? lol


eggs 100% pppppppp

Giving birth would be more efficient though :thinking:

depending on which body it has

its not about efficiency, i think it depends on the body structure