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Any else bored of the stupidly fast Thordors?

The last 3 matches I’ve played, my opponents have had 135+ speed Thors! I get that it should be a powerful fierce dino but c’mon…

I’m thinking, to rectify this, perhaps each class should have a certain boost cap on a certain stat?

So for Fierce creatures, max 10 speed boosts

For Cunning creatures, max 10 damage (as they usually reduce damage)

For Resilient creatures, max 10 health boosts (as they tend to be tanks)

For Wildcards, maybe max 10 boosts for each stat (as they tend to be pretty versatile)

For hybrid claases, maybe max 15 boosts for their corresponding class

It’s just a rough idea but just wondering how people would feel about this?


I think it makes more sense if cunning creatures had a limit on health boosts and resilient creatures have a limit on attack boosts

Maybe bind main stat with class, like fierce is dmg,cunning - speed, resilient - hp, and thats only one they can max out with 20, others max 10. Hybrids, yeah, get 15 max in their subclass stats.
And there also was wild card type? Maybe those have no limits.

I have some bad news to tell you about the upcoming Thor buff… :sweat_smile:


I faced off with a lvl 27 thor which one-shot my whole team.

Including my Indom which successfuly evaded but still died

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All you need to do is use a distracting stun resistant dino. There’s many. Take your pick, boost it in speed a bit and you should be set for them.

Thor isn’t this unkillable abomination lol it’s really not bad as far as uniques go when you see a nitro magna thor’s won’t seem like anything I mean there’s a reason very very few high level people use it. There’s tons of great counters once you get a little stronger for example erlidom monolo magna tenrex spyx vexus max gem erlikogamma might even be able to kill it lol.

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I know it’s not but my point is it’s daft that you take a creature like Thor and boost him way past the fastest base creatures

Oh you are bored of the 135 speed thor?
Wait 1 month:
Lvl 26 mortem are coming with the same speed,cleanse distraction,more damage but unslowable.
A worst thor.
Almost everyone in my alliance is between 220 and 280DNA/300

Yeah, similar to the last of these 3 mentioned Thors. Was a lvl 30 with 145 speed, start my Erildom, got straight through my cloak with Instant charge, then my I-Rex (although I was just experimenting with my team, it’s not a regular) his defense shattering when straight through another cloak and killed instantly

Nope, that was the minimum. 135, then 141 and finally 145

Thor is easy considering his base speed 105 and base damage 1700
Mortem have 108 and 2000 base damage.

I get this (in the grand schemes it won’t be massively different) but what I’m saying is it should never be quicker than the base stat of the fastest creatures. Hence, the max boost cap on speed

It’s not impossible to make your speedster faster ya know you have a 11 boosts worth advantage just throw a few on and bam faster

You know they will never fix the speed boosts issue,right?
Except if one day we saw boosts 3.0 but i don’t think it is for now.
We just came out from update 2.0.

Thanks for the suggestion, I shall now put my lvl 22 rixis on my team

Well, I hate to break it to your opponents, but they’ll get nowhere with those thors. Speeding thor up is a waste of boosts


A waste of boost considering mortem rex will be a plague soon enough.

More like “eventually”. Sure it’ll come in at level 26, but leveling it will be a pain

What cunning should I invest in to counter thor?