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Any ETA on park fixes?

Scents still don’t work in them. When will this be fixed?

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Never… Ludia is afraid of the money they could make.from selling scents that work in parks.

Next update probably so looking at late November even then it’s unlikely they fix it properly.

By the end of November it will be too cold to go walking through parks.

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That doesnt matter to Ludia these are the guys who put who loaded up parks smack dab in the coldest winter months via 1.6. Sometimes Logic is lost on them.

Yeah, I mean I don’t even seen the logic in shutting down ability to attract park spawns AND leaving the bug they were calling an exploit still there. I’ve lost an epic Erlikosaurus spawned in a park with a Fast Theropod scent just because I chose to dart the rare Erliko next to it, and then I return to see my Erliko has turned into a gallimimus. No, the scent did not reach its next spawning minute, the same current spawn had been rerolled, because the next minute it changed into a Proceratosaurus. And the normal scent has also rerolled an Irritator G2 into monolophosaurus G2.