Any fix for the 10044 error after patching?


Just had to reinstall JWA in order to see if I could get back into the game after the patch 1.2.22. Unfortunately, no luck.

This makes it 0-20.

I’m apparently not the only one out there with this issue since the patch release. Hope you guys can fix this, as I want to get back in the game.


What makes this even more frustrating is that NO code appears at the bottom of the screen. Just the loading bar, the version number… And no code.


try openning the game, waiting a bit and turning the wi-fi off and on again, it will show an error right after you turn it off, but then just wait for the wi-fi turn back on and click reconnect. it worked for me so it might help you, good luck


oh, keep doing it till the game starts, i had to do it like 3-4 times till it worked, just dont close the game