Any flight club members cancel subs yet?

Yeah, so I know that update has wreaked havoc, yes it’s early-ish days & fixes will be getting put in place (at some point) but as my Flight club appears frozen although runes I now do get after reinstalling again (to add the supposed hot fixes) - I’m wondering how just how many of us that joined & pay monthly have in fact cancelled their subscription yet?

I have, ends officially on the 18th. Quite a few have mentioned in one of the other threads they have as well.

Yup. I’m gone. They will struggle to get me to reinvest in a subscription. Sorry, I know it was weekend but this game is Ludia’s business. If my business was in this much crisis, I’d have pulled all my staff in to fix it and would have shouldered the overtime bill. But we are not that high on the management’s care list, so they’re no longer on my ‘spend money on games’ list. Such a pity because I really love this game.

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I did. Why pay for a broken game?

my entire clan has canceled a subscription, and these are 22 people

Waiting to see how ludia cleans up this mess, if they don’t, at least 10 others will be cancelling and leaving the game

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Whoa! Good to hear, I know people had said in various other threads but I thought it would be useful to show what impact this really has had, I’m sure they are aware of that but I was interested myself, having cancelled mine yesterday.

I have canceled my subscription for another reason entirely. When it launched i paid for a month to test it out and then canceled it. When the first month was almost over, i decided to pay for 2 more months to get the skullcrusher maxed. So i did it, a few hours before the expiration of the first month. Got the debt from my credit card but have not gotten the renew on my flight club in time, causing it to reset to level 1.
Because of some kind of bug or transaction problem, i went 4 days without the flight club, the daily income and improved chests. Support took 2 days to look at my issue and after 3 e-mails that took almost a week, sending screenshots, receipt and all that stuff, they gave me 300 runes and said they could not do anything else, changing back my status to level 10, refund what i paid for or even giving me the proper compensation for losing 4 days of it for a problem that wasn’t even my fault (like i was supposed to know that i should have reinstalled my game for the subscription to be renewed).
After that, i could see the kind of support that they give to theyr players… so im not paying one more cent anytime soon. I will gladly change my statement if they resolve my issue accordingly, but for now i am very dissapointed with the game.

The error is in portuguese but it translates “the request is being processed and the item will be available in a few minutes”.

Cancelled my subscription too.
If the problem didn’t solve soon, my next step will be applying to Apple for refunding my payment since Ludia is incapable to perform the contract accordingly.

I cancelled too.

Now It s my last hour :slight_smile:

Hope they wont take away the extra 20 dragon places, as they stated

I’m waiting to see if they make things right. If not, I’m out.


I plan on cancelling.

The game is a bug-riddled mess.

What was the contract you are referring to?

When you pay for the game, to subscribe for obtaining VIP status, there is a contract between you and Ludia. Ludia shall be obligated to provide you a game with certain services, for example, the exclusive duty chest, 2000 runes per month, Skullcrusher, and a game without bugs which prevent you from collecting your rewards. If they fail to perform the contract, the other party would be entitled to terminate it.

Ive cancelled and hubby has as well.

Well they duty chest has exclusive trust points, you can get up to 2k runes, skull crusher was given. I fail to see where a game stops me from collect my rewards that are stated besides a handful of cases.

When Astrid’s duty was broken, how can I get my chest reward properly? I subscribed because I can open 2 to 3 hard chest per day which contain certain rewards in it, if the bugs prevent me from doing so, that is a fail of performance to me.

@Mochi with vip its other way around you can open ONE in 2-3 days :smiley:

without VIP its RIP

i cancelled