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Any guild finish the SH raid?

Not sure of the guild standings are down for everyone, im sure it cant just be us, but has anyone finished it yet? We are currently at 84%

My wins in the Raid event are not being counted in the percentages, I won twice and
six times and they weren’t counted.

It’s 1800 wins total, so you need 18 wins to see a 1% move on the tracker.

Im just curious if any guild has completed the current raid since the leaderboard is broken this time we got 10% left to go

CthulhuWarriors have finished the Raid.

It’s a dying game, in my guild 2 original players just quit so to numerous reasons about this game. Looks like it’s across the board!

Undermountain finished Wednesday morning.

The 3 We Are… , Guilds all finished. Sucks the leader board is broken but it’s not like anyone gets an award for first place. We played that game for awhile and my guild came in Second under Above Syndicate like 6 times lol. But doing hundreds of rooms each and burning all your keys Burns out players after awhile. :man_shrugging: what’s the point really. At 1800 rooms we all get the same stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lit Up is always on board to compete. :grinning: We may not make it to 1800 first every time, but we can push to go the distance.

It seems like there is way less interest in competition between guilds than there was even a few months ago.

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The player base is dwindling. Guilds are merging to maintain strong teams. Ludia seems to put all their focus on new content rather than debugging existing issues and addressing its players concerns. Every update seems to both nerf and change things in ways that further aggravate players. :man_shrugging: kinda kills some of the fun.

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Even when the game was more active it takes 36 rooms per guild member to get the silverhand reward and that’s still a very tedious grind. Specially when silverhand weapons aren’t much better than other choices. This game is bleeding players because people are getting tired of doing the same thing over and over. It needs some variety. Especially the guild stuff. Even the rallies have reduced monsters varieties when compared to the regular dungeons.


36 rooms per member is not a lot to ask. We ask 60 per raid as a target in our guild. But to your point, the game is a grind. Repetitive in every aspect. It is understandable that it is not for everyone.

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6 rooms per day of guild event is not much of a grind unless you have leveled your toons more than your gear or are in a dead guild.

We at CthulhuWarriors now unlock the Silverhand in Guild Events in about a day.