Any ideas? my luck w/ I-rex is the worst!


Okay so I had like a 9 game losing streak and the I-Rex luck is not on my side.
I really hate gambling with his cloak and feel like a wasted move so many times.
Yes 20% of the time it works but is that enough?
Any suggestions?


Correction: 50% of the time it works :slight_smile:


Yeah? Lets be naive and hope that Lando (bad formula instead good pure random) doesn’t mess with Solo’s playing card


I understand how streaky it is. Not much fun, and no one can blame you for not wanting to use it.

Id say use either trex or allo. Defense shattering is important.

What trophy range? What are you losing to?

When I make alterations to my deck i try to ask myself "what do i wish i had instead of this in my hand?


Thank you for the advise.
I WAS 4300 then went all the way down to 4000.
My goal is to try hit 4500 trophies.