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Any low lvl raid tactics in update 2.9?

update 2.9 has changed many tactics with thor so if you guys have a new tactic of any apex raid then let me know pls:)

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thx tommy paoli

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is this possible?

I have a collection of raid strategies at
It should be pretty up to date.

I work continuously to keep it up to date and record videos of functioning raids. Vids are linked to each strat and can also be found on my YT channel: JWA - YouTube

The T. rex raid only needs four proceratomimus, or anything that can do distraction repeatedly

There are a lot of strats that allow for a lower level dino in apex raids, but the thing is, the rest of your team usually has to be pretty strong to make up for the lack of power due to having a weak dino in the mix. As long as you’re on an alliance with stronger players, you shouldn’t have an issue, as long as you can get people to carry you for a while until yours become strong enough to hang. That being said, if you’re not on a team that uses discord, ditch your current one and find that team.

i have subscribed to you :slight_smile: