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Any Maxima owners out there?

I’m super excited to see how my ardentis is after the buffs.

would love to see what everyone else’s look like.


I just leveled it to 23 for the update tmr! I haven’t boosted it yet! But I can tell urs is going to be a real behemoth! I’m very excited to use that slowing + definite rampage combo!

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:eyes: woah!

I need a 30 fuse to unlock her.

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Can’t wait.


:eyes: :eyes: woah!!

I’m pretty jealous tbh. What tier are you at on all 3 stats?

Without being able to check the speed since the game is down, it is 7/7 and maybe 3?

I’ve wanted a unique sauropod for ages, so when this one came out I was all over it. Plus I had a ton of brachi saved up. Last weekends event really helped.


That’s awesome. Mines at 5,5,5. Pushing damage to 6 after I get 8 more boosts but definitely aiming to have mine like yours.

My Maxima is L24 and Gemini is L23 (ready to go to L24); Maxima is unboosted and Gemini has 4/4/4. Current team starts at L27 … Not sure which way to go …

I’d go Maxima. It’ll be a lot easier to level probably :slight_smile:

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Well… judging from my initial simulator results, you will be VERY happy with Maxima in v1.9!! :wink:

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Either are good options in my opinion but if you’re trying to dish out damage and block a thors instant, then ardentis. However Gemini is now immune so the instant works after the rampage as well. I think ardentis has more to offer in terms of contending with thor.

Oh… look at all the snacks for my tenontorex!!! :wink:

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There is that … wish I hadn’t boosted Gemini :frowning:

Why not have both? We are entering the immune era :thinking:

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My ingame name is actually Immune lol. It’s a joke because I’ve had ardentis since it first came out and everyone would use lethal wound on it lol