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Any more dinos?

Many people are predicting that they will reveal 1.6 creatures and new features tomorrow. So before they reveal everything: Does anyone have a predicion for new creatures and events? Other ones than those who has been teased…

I think it would be cool with boss raids! Not like in PG, but in a special JWA way! Maybe people team up (or play alone) agains a boss creature… not those purple BOOSTED creatures from JWTG though. Maybe a special creature like: the spino from JP 3… or Greenie from JP 3… Would be cool…

Any suggestions for a cool raid like boss battle thing or creature prediction? It’s always fun to hear other peoples suggestions! :+1::grinning::grinning::t_rex::crocodile:

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I’d love to play with a real person in a boss battle, and I like the idea of fighting creatures exclusive to the boss fights