Any new information?

@marcus,@ned,is there any new information? We want to know if these problems will be solved or not, and if I should start taking drastic measures or not, we already lost a member from our clan who stopped playing and I think I will be next.


Hey itami, our team is looking for a fix for the new issues that are being reported. Once we have more info, we’ll try to let everyone know ASAP.

Regarding the suggestions and feedback for the new update, our team has been made aware of them as well.

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Do they test updates before launch? Some balance things can’t be foreseen w/o a large release or w/o a well developed beta program, but some of these issues were immediately noticeable and game breaking, ie broken duties, inabili6to target dragons, health bars. It shouldn’t have taken more than 1 minute of testing to find


We’re working on a communication shortly. Thanks!


@Marcus as I previously suggested it’ll be good idea to start closed beta.


When will the issues been fixed? The duties are to heavy and now working correctly. I lost a lot of flashes due to loading problems.

I enjoyed the game before the update. Now I dislike it and if there is no sign of repairing, I tend to remove it.

That’s not the way a game developer should act. I hope the manager who is responsible for this update is fired.

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