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Any news about what next season's prize will be?

We still have 4 days of Procerato, seems I’ll get around 3900 of it. I hope next thing will be an epic.
Diplodocus would be nice, though I’ll take Erliko if they have it.
Or if rare… Dracorex.

It better be an event dino since they seem to ignore the fact that they made a bunch of dinos be “event exclusive” dinos.

I could be speaking too soon, but there seems to be a trend with arena exclusive dinos. Miragaia, Procerato…it wouldn’t be a stretch to guess Irritator or BG2.

Well we got Allo G2 for halloween, though the nasuto might be good right now, as we haven’t had it in quite a while.

Hopefully Irritator since it was ignored for the halloween event.

I’ll take either of those, though I’m more after BG2 because it’s so hard to acquire and I made the spyx recently.

6 attempts for Allo2 is nothing compared to seasonal rewards. The reward should be worth fighting for. We’ve had 4 seasonals and not one of them has had an event exclusive dino as the reward.

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Not just attempts, I got DNA from incubators for AlloG2. I just hope AlloG2 gets a good hybrid though.

Nope, no irritator. I’m gonna be salty here and say player base doesn’t deserve it. I’d rather it be sucho for a month since people love and want it so much. Yeah I’m petty but those 18 irritator attempts would’ve helped considerably

Sincerely an annoyed level 29 magna user.

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I don’t even know what was so scary about Sucho. But I have a hunch that a majority of the players who voted don’t even visit this forum or at the very least reddit, and thus weren’t in on what the voting would do.

Vote for what you need right now, not what you’ll need later down the line. Short term thinking is most likely what happened.

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They probably voted Sucho based off design. I mean, Sucho looks way scarier than Irritator design wise imo :joy: :scream:

To be honest, if I hadn’t seen the Reddit post saying “We’ll be getting this for Halloween” or something like that, I would have just voted whatever I felt like (not what I needed, just what looked scary) and hoped there was HC involved at the end.

Also, what I voted for, I don’t remember all of them, but one common was Tarbo, rares were Irritator & Kelenken, legend spinonyx (glad it made it), Epic AlloG2 and IndomG2, and unique Thoradolo I think.

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With how Ludia completely wiped out event drops, be glad it isn’t irritator.

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