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Any news on 1.11?

If there is, I would like to know since there haven’t been any recent teasers besides the pterosaurs and the alliance leaderboard.

Not yet, but hoping for release notes tomorrow assuming it comes next week.


Can’t wait for all the bugs :joy::joy:


Yeah @anon79840385 :joy:

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Who expects the release notes November 29th (today)?
I don’t, but here’s a poll

  • Will we get the release notes tomorrow?
  • We will get the release notes next week.

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Edit, it’s 3 now… Didn’t get the release notes, unless they wait till 5, but I doubt it. The poll is closed, looks like next week wins. It was surprisingly close though.

I feel like they will do it tomorrow as December will be starting shortly. That will give them some time before the holidays to get feedback on it. But it’s also Black Friday tomorrow so maybe not.

I heard 1.11 was going to fix a bunch of bugs, remove boosts, and of course nerf monomimus