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Any news on Scolosaurus?


I think there is the only dino that isn’t show up yet on the game, isn’t a arena dino exlusive and on incubators isn’t show either, so any news with this dino?

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I do believe it’s an incubator exclusive dino, but I haven’t seen it yet either. Maybe they’ll introduce him during an event soon. Fingers crossed ! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Word is it’s tournament exclusive. :confused:


hope not :.(


Its been datamined by metahub it is a tournament reward only.


and where is that info on metahub?


Its in the stats for all new creatures in 1.6 guide… they dont mention it on scolo write they do mention it on skoola write up that scolo is locked as a tournament reward and pocenon has verified it was datamined as a tournament reward in one of his vids.


ohh saad :.(


To be honest the legendary is apparently not great anyhows


Tourney exclusive? What? What is going on with the tournaments and alliance quests anyway?


Who knows whats going on with the next one… my guess is they got everyone working on fixing what was the major addition of 1.6