Any non VIP players bother with the lottery?

Some time ago, there was a ticket currency change in the lottery. The golden ticket that you get to have a chance at a tournament creature costed 500 DNA, instead of 500 bucks. Ever since the change, the lottery lost all worth for me, as it’s far too expensive (even for my beloved and much desired Yutyrannus) and too little chance. Is there anyone non VIP who still uses the lottery? Is it still worth it? (Other than the first slot)

I still do the lottery, aside from the dbux trades. From what I’ve noticed, the dbux I shell out for a VIP dino on the prize meter has gone up, and it now sits at 3000-4000 dbux per wheel spin, which basically eats up all the dbux I save throughout the week. Every month prior I was able to save more dbux despite shelling out some for the hatchery and prize wheel, but for the past month or so I’ve been stuck at 111,000, because I save up to 114,000 and then shell out 3-4K for the VIP dino wheel.

I only do the first slot; aside from the :crescent_moon: once in a blue moon :crescent_moon: SDNA that pops up in slot 3 (and only when it’s for DBs, not real money). I’m actually a VIP but I still (almost) never even do the fourth slot. When the lottery first came out it was packed with far better rewards. The fourth slot used to give you VIP Packs which also filled your VIP Points back up, sometimes even more so than what it costed to get the tickets in the first place.

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