Any of you know what the exclusive dinos for all arenas are?


I just got 97 carno dna and I am trying To figure out how to get more. I am also looking for more irritator and blue dna. Help please?


Blue, not sure.Carno, zone 3 but they’re migrating soon. Irritator will be at event towers Wednesday, otherwise only in incubators. Good luck!


Blue’s not in any arena.



Thanks! I needed that


looks like i need to drop to badlands. all the good ones are there


You can get previous arena dinos even after you pass that arena


Prior to the tournament, I dropped down to Sorna hoping to farm some T-Rex dna. Found none. Every incubator for two days didn’t have T-Rex. Then I found out on metahub that since 1.3, T-Rex is in Ruins. Now with 1.4 kicking in soon, it could be anywhere


Arcadia, jungle, badlands and now lockdown, its always stygomoloch. The epic DNA doesnt seem to change with arena, which is pretty annoying. If you get some 10 13 extra epic DNA from 8hours incubators, you can seemingly get everything, but actually farming lower arenas for Pyroraptor, Monominus, Raja or Kentro doesnt seem to work