Any one know what is in the new epic incubator


Race to victory has a picture of a raptor but is there any Velociraptor in it


Are ypu talking about the one thats sold in the shop or is there a new strike event


I got like ~250 v Raptor and also 237 Baryonyx… along with some other trash.


Mostly trash but the 12K coins helps.


I think I got about 400 velociraptor in it.


V-Rap dna is good. You’ll soon find out when it’s time to fuse Indominus & Indoraptor dna


I know exactly what use vraptor dna is for.


Great! And I’m aure you don’t need more because you have both level 30 Indominus & Indoraptor already. Congrats!


What the hell are you going on about? Do you have voices in your head because you are clearly responding to someone else. I only got a lvl 16 vraptor currently.


In the shop 20202020