Any opinion on my lineup?

I have been playing this game for a couple of months now. Any thoughts on my current lineup?


The lvl 20 Indominus was most likely a mistake, but you will figure that out as you start to get newly adjusted PvE based on it.


I’m agreeing with @Sionsith om this one. I’d sell it and buy one I rex for level 10


What does PvE mean?

Aye, you will regret it. I had about 10 S-DNS before building the first I-Rex. The game is more about a wide range of solid dinosaurs than having just a few big ones. Even worse with such high cooldowns.

PvE is Player vs. Enviroment, meaning the daily events here. The opposit would be PvP - Player vs. Player meaning tournaments and VS-Modus. However, there is no real PvP in this game since all PvP is just fake. Having this treated as PvP (no rejoin after crash and stupid waiting times for opponent moves) is for sure one of the most hated things in this game.


You should delete that post. It’s on the wrong thread.

Why even ask? Many people have given you their opinion and you’ve asked questions and when they answer them you just ignore them. Several people told you not to make the level 20 Indominous Rex, but you still did it and it very likely made your pve very difficult and unbalanced your lineup.

If you want feedback about your lineup show more than just your first 7 or 8.m dinos.

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I wouldn’t sell the indo just yet, but you really need to level up the creatures in your top 10. Give pve (daily events) a week or so to see if you can cope with whatever the game throws at you.


You need much deeper lineup for I rex to take it.I also think is a mistake you level up him.You should also have t rex with him and all dino you have one more each.

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If you want to keep your Indom, then work on getting the rest of your roster up to the same level. Just between your L40 Pteran and L20 Stegocera, you are losing ~813 ferocity, so basically 25% in power.

Work on getting far more dinos to equivalent ferocity as your L40 Pteran,

Plus at L57, that is a very weak roster.